for those that think PE caused ED

I went through a 4-6 month phase of the same problem.

STOP THINKING, stop being so hard on yourself. Your not a fucking sexual machine, your body was made to do things other then just sex. Lay off of sex, masturbation, porn and things of that nature. Consume your time in productive activities, your body and mind will heal and you WILL be normal.

# 1 thing that works is strenous workouts (not on your penis), find a sport and work off sweat every day. You will be amazed at the results.

#2 is nutrition. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fruit juices. Banana, Mango and dates have a soothing effect on nerves.

#3 spend time with your gf, non sexualy, cut back on sexual activities, when youll give her attention non sexualy, youll find things that matter more then your erect penis that she worries bout (takes off performance anxiety)

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