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PE with prostatitis and ED?

PE with prostatitis and ED?

I think I have prostatitis after years of trying to find out the answer to my ED.

What I want to know is will PE still be beneficial when I have decreased blood flow to my penis from a swollen and infected prostate?

Will certain exercise be more beneficial like kegels as they are good for prostate health?

Will kegeling help to drain my prostate as it is contracting that area?

Thank you hope you have some ideas I’m not sure if there is any point in doing PE or if I will get gains when I have reduced blood flow to penis.

any thoughts? will pe hinder or help my road to recover from prostatitis (infected swollen prostate)?

could kegels help drain you prostate?

Why do you think you have prostatitis, what are your symptoms? Just curious as I thought I had it, but I think it ended up being epidytimitis; not sure if that’s spelled right. I am still not sure what I had because I had symptoms of both, took some antibiotics it did help it seems most/all symptoms went away over time.

hi thanks for the reply!
I have ED (lost morning wood and bad EQ), Cyst on both balls (Epididymal), pain in prostate, pain in balls, high stress, low sex drive.
My life has been pretty much upside down I’m really hoping it will show up in the urinalysis and I can have some antibiotics and get back to normal.

I am not sure if mine is urine infection or prostatitis U guess I’m getting symptoms of both like you.

What were your symptoms?

With Prostatitis you must ejaculate

Period point blank. With prostatitis if you stimulate your cock for hours then don’t ejaculate it will further irritate and inflame your prostate which will hinder your erections. Make sure you ejaculate after every session. Perhaps you should seek a 3 times a week training schedule where you hit it a bit longer those three times, but ejaculate afterwards.

Good luck,


thank you yes I think it helps to ejaculate..

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