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Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory

Originally Posted by memento
I think the thread contains the counter arguments if you read through it. So, try reading it through and coming to your own opinion.

I agree, it is a interesting thread, but as memento pointed out is does contain the counter arguments. i thought I was the only one
who thought so. I must post, I haven’t seen this thread in years.

Very interesting read !

This thread has a lot of interest for me .

dooks out !!!

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Wow, fantastic thread !

So much interesting information.

Seriously think I will have to read it again and again to absorb it all and to try and determine my limiting factors !

Very interesting theory and makes complete sense to me. I’ve made my best length gains when I’ve thrown in some girth work and vice versa. However when I’ve gone periods of time with just stretching or hanging my EQ would start to slip and would actually feel like my erections were thinner

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Thanks a lot for this thread! Made me understand a lot of stuff! Basically my main problem was gaining girth, I gained 2cm in length and about 0.5cm in girth in a few months but I think my girth gains would have been much faster if I knew about this!

As my erections have always been rock hard and my BPFSL is just a bit over my BPEL I’ll go for an (almost) 100% tunica work routine till I start seeing my EQ go down, that’s when I’ll put some smooth muscle work in my routine :D

Thank you so much for posting this, I’m so glad I understood the actual theory behind PE, I’ve been doing it without even knowing the target of my routines for months! I’ll never thank you enough.

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I have a feeling you didn’t read beyond the first few posts. Otherwise you’d have realised that this is bollocks or maybe the theory would work if it was applied to bollocks or hot dog sausages but definitely not penises.

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I will preface this by admitting I only read the first 5 pages and the very last page of this somewhat old thread. But I want to comment, because I think perhaps the valuable data is nothing new here, and there are statements in this theory that are definitely false.

First, I think the analogy of the tube in the tire is a decent one for what is being examined in the research. You need enough “tube”/cavernous tissue to adequately expand against the tunica to create the necessary pressure required to stiffen the connective tissue of the tunica and get a good quality erection. Makes sense, less smooth muscle/cavernous tissue, less engorgement of said tissue, less internal pressure, less erection hardness/quality. There is, however, no definitive causal relationship here, so the loss of smooth muscle could just as easily be the RESULT of erectile dysfunction. Either way, all the researchers are saying is that it is a good predictor of ED and until someone shows that by directly increasing the ratio of smooth muscle you improve erection quality, that’s all it will be.

Is this theory and prescription really new information for us in the PE community? Absolutely not. When we are talking about how to enlarge the penis, we must keep our frame of reference restricted to how to enlarge the HEALTHY penis. What is being talked about in this research is a deficiency. And, with any deficiency, we should concentrate on correcting that before attempting to make forward progress. If you are two steps behind you have to catch up before taking two steps forward, so to speak. And when we have poor EQ what is usually the recommendation? Jelq, or similar exercises, that have more or less been anecdotally shown to improve upon this problem. Whether this is from increased circulation, improved smooth muscle tone, an increase in cavernous tissue, or a combination of those factors we do not definitively know, but, whatever the reason, it appears to be effective. :) Nothing new here people.

If you have a deficiency, absolutely you should fix it first, but don’t mistake that for the guidelines to layout your PE future in accordance with even after correcting the deficiency. This is where this hypothesis and prescription really goes off the rails, because in a healthy penis, smooth muscle cannot be the limiting factor. Plastic deformation and permanent expansion/elongation happens relatively quickly in all soft tissues, including smooth muscle, when compared to tough, collagenous connective tissues. Those connective tissues will always be the limiters - the last to budge. It HAS to be this way, otherwise connective tissue would be ineffective in its role in the body: to support other structures of both soft and hard tissues. Connective tissues have to be tough and resistant to deformation.

I appreciate the work and research that went into this those years ago, but if you are considering making this a model to establish your future PE in accordance with, consider what the research is actually saying. Correct your deficiencies, sure, but then you have to target those tough tissues to growwwwwww.

Almost forgot, the research speaks about a RATIO of smooth muscle to non-smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is correlated, if not causal, with erection quality. So even when going for length it is important to keep your EQ good, or if it is not important to you it should be! This is why hangers are recommended some light jelqing in addition to their hanging. Whether this works to directly maintain that smooth muscle ratio, and thus EQ (the causal scenario), or to maintain EQ through other avenues and thereby maintain a good smooth muscle ratio (the non-causal scenario), or a combination (the partly causal scenario), you should be doing some light work to keep EQ high even if you don’t desire to increase girth.


Also, my stretched length is considerably shorter than my erect, does that mean I’ve got musclecock? ;)

That was a great post rootsnatty, I agree, the tunica is the only limiting factor.

Overdoseads, thank you. The tunica, the suspensory ligaments, the septim, and the lesser connective tissues of the penis can all be limiting factors depending on what your focus is on. But the tunica is almost always the toughest.


I followed this theory religiously during the last 5 weeks and did 12 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of stretching per session. Tunica is my limit factor according to this theory, and I made a wrong calculation for percentages.

What I don’t understand is why do vets on the other “popular” forum believe this theory is true. Also, should I change my routine from now on ? I’m mostly focusing on length.

You meant PEgym?


Because the author of this theory is the one who founded PEGym? :mutley:

Gekiro, hello again on another thread. In stretching away from and perpendicular to the body, the tunica will always be the limiting factor. Please do yourself a big favor and disregard this theory - it is bro science.

Marinera, is that true about pegym? It’s no wonder this theory is followed there. It’s like all of DLD’s nonsense being seen as gospel over at MOS. I laughed out loud the first time I read about “expressive stretching,” and cringed when I saw that vertical compression stretcher/hanger thing he came out with. But I digress.



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