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Flat girth


Flat girth

Not quite sure if that title is accurate. My girlfriend commented that PE is giving my unit a flatter look. I’ll explain. If you we’re to take a cross-section of my shaft, the horizontal dimension is quite a bit larger than the vertical. With PE the width seems to be increasing, however the cross-sectional height is not increasing at the same rate.

Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions for how I can increase the cross-sectional height? Currently my routine consists of a lot of dry jelqing and some stretching.

I’ve also got a “flat girth” like you name it but I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it. Maybe so I wouldn’t know. But why would you wanna make it cilindrical? It’s obviously wider this way so I think your girlfriend will feel “fuller” since it’s stretching her out more at the sides. I also think the sides have the most nerves so it’s greater pleasure for all! :thats:

Motivations: - The smile on your girlfriends face when she pulls it out - You never have to hear "DEEPER!" (and if you can) - Getting to see a mouth stretched around your cock and 2 hands req to work it - All of your girlfriends girlfriends knowing your big - Knowing you're the biggest she's been with and she'll always remember you in her life - Watching pornos and being so unimpressed

Agreed, however the fact that she commented on it leads me to believe she does not find it desirable.

She may have been making a mere observation. I’ve had girlfriends comment on that before too, in between moans of course. See what she says when you plow into her.

So I take it the consensus is for me to keep going as I’m going!

Mine is a little wider that way too. I love the look.

Don’t sweat the details and just keep pulling.

I think it’s probably very hard to control the manner in which your girth grows. Jelqs and squeezes apply pressure uniformly within the penis. The axis of principle growth has more to do with the internal structure of your CCs and tunica than it does with the exercise.

That said, we all know (regrettably) that gains along any axis tend to slow down with time. Perhaps, over time, the widthwise expansion will cease of its own accord and you might gain some height. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

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Thanks for the words guys. Just a thought after looking at some diagrams. The spongy tissue is divided into three sections (see the cross-sectional diagram). It seems that the glans receive blood through the lower segment. My glans don’t tend to get good blood flow when flacid, and only really inflate during a high state of arousal. This has been bothering me because it’s not as visually appealing. Could the two be linked? Perhaps the lower section is not increasing in size, possibly due to me not forcing blood into it, while the upper two sections are increasing in size as I can easily inflate and force blood into them.

I know that with me, a slight variation in the angle at which I jelq can make a difference to the blood flow to the glans. Perhaps I should experiment more. Any thoughts? Any thoughts on increasing blood flow t the glans for that matter?

I always assumed the term “cylindrical”, when speaking of penis shapes, simply means roughly equal circumference root-midshaft-glans. That is what I mean anyway. I guess most dicks must be more or less oval or “soft triangular” due to the basic design, having two heavily pressurized chambers side by side and a less stiff, more “spongy” chamber surrounding the urethra.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Tell her that you are a founding member of the Flat Girth Society.

DAMN, too late! As soon as I saw the thread title, I wanted to throw something about Columbus or circumnavigation or whatever.

That’s what I get for logging off to PE- at least I’ll have the cold comfort of knowing that I’m growing.

Pax et lux,

You might be able to enlarge your CS by Kegeling hard during your jelqing strokes or while squeezing/clamping. The CS is much weaker than the CCs and is probably easier to grow. Growing your CS might help to give your penis more depth.

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Mines not really cylindrical like a perfect O. Mines more oval, in fact it’s about 1.85 going across top and bottom .8 going vertical.(about 5.25 total) I personally like the way it’s shaped like that instead of just a perfect circle, makes it look bigger and bulge more.

Moderate pumping has given me great vertical girth increases.

I have wished I could get a bit more horizontal size. It just may be the way our units are different, but pumping may be an exercise to try and see what it does for you.

Hi Starch,

I assume you mean it is wider when viewed from above than when viewed from the side? This is normal for me (and most people) especially at the midshaft below the head. Generally the best view is from above as seen by the proud owner! However after pumping I achieve a cylindrical shape but if I pump cock and balls in the 2.75” tube the pressure squashes my penis so that it becomes even more oval shaped which is interesting! After further pumping it rounds out more.

Hi flygreg,

I feel that a wider penis in any direction will contribute equally to that fuller feeling for your sexual partner. The overall stretch will be the effect and there are nerves all around the vagina for the first 2 or 3 inches not just at the sides!

Sorry I left this post overnight without uploading so it has become superseded by later posts!

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