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Cable cuffs-A must have for girth!!!


Cable cuffs-A must have for girth!!!

Let me start by saying I have been PE’ing in some fashion for about 3 years, off and on, and have been serious about it about 6 months. I’ve done it all, but primarily hang for length and and do manual stuff for girth now, as it seems to be the combo that works for me. I occasionally posted over at PE forums, and have been lurking here a good bit lately. I found this SO useful, I finally had to break my silence here!

I read NotEnough’s thread on the cable cuff use as an Uli device. I have built an Bib’s Uli thing a couple of years ago and used it enough to know it had real potential, but had enough problems with pain and pinching, and with the length of time it took to get tight that I had abandoned it. I could never keep my guy hard enough while trying to screw it down and getting a mean pinch along the overlapping edges. But I was certainly impressed with the potential for girth gains.

I went out to Home Depot this past weekend after reading NotEnough’s post and picked up a couple of medium “Cable Cuffs” for 99cents each (found by the rope in the hardware section of my particular store) and wrapped them with a bit of electrical tape. In retrospect, I should have gotten 4 or 5, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Started by wrapping my erect guy with an Ace to protect against pinching and clamped down at the base. Boing! Instant super hard-on;. I could really feel some interior cavernosum AND spongiousum tension. Kept the hard going by watching some porn. Then I clamped a SECOND just above the first—HOLY CRAP!! I have never been so fat! I left them on for 10 minute sets, and repeated 4-5 times.

My pre-workout erect girth is about 6 at the base and 5.5 at the scar, and after this workout, I was 6.75 at the base and 6.25 at the scar. No edema in the skin, still veiny and hard, no significant discoloration, no doughnut; I’m telling you, pump-like gains without the bad effects of pumping. A miracle!

I wish I had bought 4-5 so I could vary the attack to segments (Like clamp two at the base and one below the head, or all along the shaft, etc. This MAY be the holy grail for girth. We’ll see, but I can say that my girth gains from manual Uli’s has been pretty good (started at about 5.25 at the base and 5 at the scar) so I can’t imagine this NOT accelerating the gains. It does go down overnight, but not all the way, and I can still tell there is some lingering fullness in the am from the workout the night before. The tension is SO much more than my hands can produce and lasts ten minutes versus the 30 second sets I had been doing.

Thank you, NotEnough! I thought this was so good that it deserved another thread so those of you who haven’t tried these yet would RUN OUT AND GET SOME! I am very eager to see if these results translate into permanent gains, but I can’t see how they can’t.

BTW, I also may have come up with something to replace the homemade, labor intense bib hanger (something you can go to the hardware store and pick up, modify in 5 minutes and have soemthing nearly as good as the official bib hanger) but since I have a small area of sore skin from my previous hanger (what prompted me to go out and search for a replacement) I’ll wait to see how it works after giving it a real trial. It seems promising, though.

Anyway, thanks for all the great info and support here; I’m on my way!

Beginning stats: 7.25 dead stretch, 5.25 girth (base)
current: 8.25 dead stretch, 6 girth (base)—still growing!

Hi tenaciousD,

Welcome to the posting/dark side of Thunder’s.

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How long did it take to get the girth gains using the cable clamps?

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are there different sizes in cable cuffs and if so, what size do you use? I never heard of that idea, that’s why I’m asking.

And welcome to the board.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Welcome aboard TenaciousD. It is a fine thing to come out of lurking! I love these clamps too, and will always revere NotEnough for bringing them to my attention. I use them for everything; Uli’s, ball stretchers, penimaster clamp, and for a lot of non-PE stuff too. I must have a couple dozen by now, they are everywhere around here.

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Thanks tenaciousD!
I hadn’t thought of stacking them. But then I only have two of them, and they are in different places. I’ll have to get more.

The “Cable Clamp” sold at Walmart, and Ace’s is the same exact design as the “Cable Cuff” sold at HD. There are three sizes, the medium one is the right one.

I haven’t seen any cableclamps in the Netherlands yet :(

Anyone wants to trade a couple of cableclamps for a custom made hanger like mine?

Originally posted by Uncut4Big
are there different sizes in cable cuffs and if so, what size do you use? I never heard of that idea, that's why I'm asking.

NotEnough’s original thread: New ULI device… some nice benefits… Safer!

Please keep us posted. I’m dying to break my girth plateau.


There is no replacement for displacement

I also do these with the cable clamp. I use an ACE bandage underneath as well.

I’ve never tried stacking them, though. Right now, one clamp is intense enough.

My last session I did use an OK squeeze just below the head with my hand, which intensified the uli. But I didn’t really exert all that much pressure with my hand. Just a little hold, really.

The regular extreme uli with a cable clamp is intense enough without all the mucky-mucky added on, at least for me. I also have to be *very* careful not to overdo it; too many sets of this exercise leaves me with gruesome blood spots.

Are these “cable cuffs” the same as the “cable clamps” that were described in the original thread?

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You may only need 2. Clamp one then clamp the second just above it, release the first and keep moving up the shaft. I remember seeing a guy with a massive glans on a body mod site I reckon he must have done this as he only had one clamp at the end, always puzzled me as it was absolutely HUGE.

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Hmm, trigger, that may work! Leapfrogging cable cuffs!

Gandolf, yeah, I think that the “cable cuff” is the brand name of the cable clamp.

Last night I did 6 10-minute sessions. I measured 6.5 at the circ scar-a new record. I must have been 7 with the clamp on. I might just have to workout and then put on a ring, sneak up on my wife and attack her. :)

I did have a little edema (kind of like post-pumping) particularly at the meatus and just under the glans, but no dougnut, and still no significant discoloration (just a generalized pinkness). I guess if you clamp down circulation logn and hard enough, some lymphedema is unavoidable.

I plan to do 30-45 minutes once or twice a day. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The best thing about this system is even when I come home from work exhausted, it is easy to do effectively because it is passive. And no mess, like with pumping!

Piet, someone mentioned an internet address to order them on the original post. You could try there.

Rock out with your cock out!

They are two different brands, but the design looks identical.

Do not fear, Piet…Cable Clamps can be ordered internationally from

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