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Flat girth


If you are jelqing with your grip on the top and bottom of your penis the blood will be forced to the sides more. Try jelqing with your grip on the sides forcing the blood to push up and down instead of out.


Although the “volume” of blood will be forced to the sides when you grip the top and bottom, the “pressure” within the CCs will be uniform against all surfaces. I think it’s the internal pressure that determines growth. The CCs have an open structure that allows blood to flow readily along their length and even between them. This causes the CCs to have a common pressure and rigidity.

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The way I tried last night was quite effective. I put a bit of an arc into my jelq movement. This seemed to force a lot of blood into the CS and glans. Essentially the arc started in a BTC direction and finished SD.

I also have a flatter erection. I wish I had a greater vertical thickness.

It seems alot of the large guys in porn seem to be thick all around, not just wider.

I would imagine an all around girth would be MORE fullfilling to a woman that a flat girth.

Just my opinion.

The earth is flat after all.

Yeah I second that.

Yeah, mine looks kinda flat on the top too.

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I’m a lot wider in the vertical direction rather than across the top. So my dick in side profile is much more impressive than looking down from top. Although the width across the top of my dick midshaft is slightly under 2” in diameter, my overall girth measurements gets larger from the wider vertical diameter.


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Do more wet jelqs and keep pressure on your CS while kegeling, I have found that my CS enlarges quite easy and quick.

I remember I got quite some width from jelqing with more erection and keeping the emphasize of the jelq on the sides of my penis.

PS I look massive in profile aswell. I should maybe try to get so width! I have moved out with my gf so just need to get done unpacking and then I will have a bigger dick! ;)

I have seemed to gained more in the vertical girth also, though it seems my height and width are very close to the same now.

I would actually like to gain more in width, because then it would look wider to me when I look down, and I could say WHOA! It’s time to cut down on those girth exercises!

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