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Anyone else have smaller base than shaft girth?


Anyone else have smaller base than shaft girth?

I always see everyone saying that their base girth is more than their midshaft girth. In fact, in some cases on this forum I have seen guys say that their midshaft girth is say 5.25” but their base girth is 6”. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have a bigger base girth? My base girth is about .25” LESS than my mid/upper shaft girth - is that a bad thing? What can I do to get the base to where the rest of it is? Thanks guys!

It’s not that bad. I’d say squeezes concentrating on the lower portion. Pull out more of your penis, if whatever else is hidden is larger girth.

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My base girth is also smaller than my mid-shaft girth, but only when erected.

But there isn’t so much difference.

What shall we do to work out the base girth?

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I have the same thing too. Do lots of squeezes towards the base, holding the blood in to build up the pressure a bit.

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me…my base girth is 5, gradually increasing to 5.5-5.7 at the head. Ideally, I’d like the whole thing to be the same size as the head, but a number of women have said they enjoyed the feel of my head on its own, so…

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I’m the same way, but with PE I expect that to go away

I have the same type of penis, I think it’s called a baseball shape.

Hanging will increase the base girth

Originally Posted by sheneedsmore
Hanging will increase the base girth

I hear people say that sometimes on here, how exactly does that work?

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It is nice to have the middle shaft bigger than the base, because no way you can insert the base

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I’d like to know as well how hanging can increase base girth. I do hang SO and SD usually an hour a day, 3 days in a row and then take a day off. I have not seen any base girth increase after about a month of doing this. It would seem to me that it would just pull my smaller base girth farther down my shaft from hanging, not actually increase the girth. How does this work?

I have no clue as far as how hanging can increase your base girth. What I’m actually trying to increase my base girth are short jelq starting behind the balls and going as far in front as I can. I little strange but I’ll see if it works.

After a lot of manual girth work, I developed a baseball shaped dick. Hanging doesn’t seem to help since the first 1/4th of the dick expands, the second 1/4th stays the same, and the rest also expands. I started doing horses. Hopefully they will help.

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Hanging and base girth

On my own cock, I see that growth as response to stress is quite apparent: where my hanger attachment ended (much further up my flaccid stretched shaft than the length of my total FS/EL gains), is exactly where my girth boost starts. I also note that I have gained twice as much base girth than mid shaft girth (.6”/.3”).

Not wanting more base girth is my main reason for not hanging anymore. If you’ve got a “baseball bat” shaped shaft and want some length and some base girth, hanging could by far be your most efficient PE method. More girth on the upper shaft means the hanger will grip very nicely.

My mid-shaft is around 5.75” when fully erect. Near the lowest part just before the base, it’s only 5”, but then balloons into the base as 6”. To answer you, no my base isn’t any smaller, but yes my penis does seem to get its biggest at mid-shaft and incrementally get thinner the lower down the shaft it does.

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