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Facial Sauna as warm up !


Originally Posted by Braingasm
Ticker, what are these heat pads? Doggie beds? Do you have a link please?

I don’t know why in this mad country infra red lamps have gone off the market, and can’t find heat pads in any electrical stores either.

The facial sauna looks like a good idea, but rice socks are dry and reheat quickly. The lube or oil is all the mess I need in the morning. I will have to be convinced it is better to go through the mess of having to do my PE work with water.

Electric heat pads, I got mine in the pharmacy. It’s like an electric blanket, just smaller (30 x 30 cm or so). No link, sorry.

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ticktickticker

I used an IR lamp in the past but it has one severe disadvantage: it’s very hot at contact.

Ouch! Even with a low powered model, you should never get closer than about 12” and often will be 20” away. What on earth were you doing making contact!

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