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Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

What a terrific thread -

Kudo’s Erocet for such a valuable contribution. I intend to order the materials today so as to combine your magic elixer with the InfraRed sauna activity I am currently pursuing both for enhanced circulation in general as well as to help PE. Again, Kudos!

All the Best,


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Lavender.. The End . At least for me. I have been using this wonderful ” Eroset Oil ” as a massage oil and as a rub oil for PE . I just found a couple of articles on Lavender and Gynecomastia [abnormally large breasts in men]


It seems that Lavender boost your estrogen to the detriment of your level of Testosterone and can produce breast enlargement .
Another article :


By the way : Eroset Oil is wonderful as a repellent for insects too , specially mosquitoes . I use this oil every day mainly for this reason.

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Mary Engelbreit

Thank you for the information and references. I am sure many, or at least a few, of us will take a look into it.
While I have some actual issues with the article, a considerable amount of the following is tongue-in-cheek, so please don’t be offended, nor think that I am dismissing the information you reference. It is, definitely something we should look into.
In other words, please continue to post information, particularly with references.

I have problems with the first article you reference:
It does not provide a reference for the publication in an appropriate journal of the information it considers most damning (increased breast size in prepubescent boys). The doctor quoted (in the other article) explicitly states that he is not declaring that there is a cause an effect relationship. It is also only reported only for prepubescent boys. Hopefully, none of the people here using EVO are prepubescent boys. Perhaps, in the future from which the article comes from, August 4, 2008, the information is better and has been published. So, something on which more studies should be performed.

On the other hand, everyone should be congratulated. They have now found the long hoped-for ingredient for breast enlargement cream :D .

Madaga, again, thank you for posting the information. I am just in a nit-picking mood, and they made it really easy with declaring a publication date of August 4, 2008.

I should probably note that the lavender oil I purchased for my EVO was directly responsible for an ex-girlfriend totaling her car. I had, intentionally, left a zip-lock back with a small amount of the lavender oil in her car, as she likes the smell. She got distracted attempting to find the bag and open it. The next thing she knew she had run smack into a parked truck, totaling her car. :eek: Fortunately, no one was hurt. So, at least in this case, lavender was not conducive to better sleep and reduced depression. :)

Scanning though the provided references also provided additional interesting information.


In fact I found only one research on the subject.. Maybe part of the big campaign plan against herbal remedies ?/!

Really possible after all. Some people are desperate to regulate the market of herbs and nutritional supplements .

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

Mary Engelbreit

Great posts! My God, you really get to learn a lot at this place.

Well, I’ve bought the olive oil for the base and the Rosemary oil and Lemon Grass oil, but I am a little concerned about the Lavender oil following the article on estrogens.

I really think this EVO is onto something great, but I’d just like to ask if anyone can point me in the direction of a “Lavender substitute”? Or will it work with the Lavender left out and the Rosemary & Lemon Grass on their own?

Thanks again for all the posts!

Does gnc have this stuff?

Originally Posted by nedpickle
Does gnc have this stuff?

I would guess GNC doesn’t have all the oils needed but I haven’t been there in a while. Personally I don’t like or even go to GNC anymore. IMHO, GNC is not the same store it was years ago.

Go here :
Remember you get what you pay for, but its your choice.


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I thought I’d post and let everyone know my variation on Eroset’s Vein Oil. I started out with the basic EVO recipe from this thread (using 1/3 cup olive oil as a carrier) and added to it:

1ml black pepper essential oil (black pepper - piper niger - is an excellent vasodialator)
1ml cinnamon leaf essential oil
8 ml celery seed essential oil (I read somewhere that a “wash” made of celery seed would give an “instant” erection similar to viagra; while none of the decoctions I made did anything, I thought I would try adding celery seed oil to this mix…jury’s still out as to whether it has improved the original formula or not)
1 ml vitamin e

I’m also using a plastic wrap to keep the oil on the skin for as long as possible. The plastic wrap does three things: keeps the oil from rubbing off on your clothing, cuts down on the intensity of the smell of the oil, and finally, increases the heat & moisture of the penis thereby improving the penetration of the oil.

Here’s how I use it: apply the oil, wrap penis with plastic wrap (a plastic sandwich bag also works well), and either gently secure at the base with string or a rubber band or wrap the entire penis with a traction wrap. I usually reapply the oil once more during the day and at the end of the day wash with a mild soap and water. I’ve only been using this method for a couple of days now - but I can already see a marked difference in the veins which are noticeably more visible.

I’ve also ordered some yohimbe extract which I’m thinking of adding to the mix after this week.

Please keep us posted on your results

Update: 02/19/07

The formula above has worked pretty well - definitely more visible veins and a much better flaccid hang. The jury is still out as to whether I’ve made the transition from a grower to a shower but the oil has definitely made a marked improvement.

I’ve noticed an increase in sensitivity on two fronts: First, I get erections much more easily and frequently than I did before I started using the oil - morning wood is especially strong. Secondly, the glans of my penis is MUCH more sensitive during sex. I’ve actually had to distract myself during sex this past week to keep from ejaculating too soon. I’ve also noticed that when I masturbate, it’s really really easy to hit the point of no return. Anyone who wants to improve the sensitivity of their penis - this is the oil to use!

I’ve added 12ml of Yohimbe bark extract. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find yohimbe essential oil so the extract will have to do - I’ll just have to shake the mix well before applying. My massage oil has ended up looking like salad dressing. I’m curious as to whether this will make the oil more or less effective - harder erections, more erections…I suppose if I wanted to be truly scientific about this I should log each and every erection and assign them a percentage as to how strong they are before using the oil and after using the oil. I guess it’s too late since I’ve already started using the oil.

Finally, I’m trying to find a base oil that penetrates better than olive oil. The olive oil has been working adequately, but I’m wondering if I can get the essential oil additives to penetrate deeper into the tissues if that would improve the qualities of the oil.

I started to learn more about essential oils because of this thread. Nearly all resources say not to use essential oils internally. I assume that means vaginally (and anally too). So my question is: Has anyone had sex with this stuff still on your dick? What happened to your partner - good reaction, bad reaction, no reaction? How long before sex did you apply it?

I just started to use EVO - for general penis health, not injury rehab - but don’t want to mess up my wife by using it before sex. I use it in the morning, but do not apply it after I take a shower at night. I would like to use it morning and night, but I am worried I might mess up my wife by using it at night and then having sex with her.

No offense to anyone, but guesses won’t help in this situation, I don’t want to take any chances. I would prefer answers only from people who have used this before sex or are very knowledgeable about essential oils. The oils I use are lavender, rosemary and clary sage. I don’t use the lemongrass.

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Hello folks,

Someone knows what happened to Eroset? I have not seem his posts. I’d like to know if he change the mix and the effects he experienced till now.

I agree ashmeh22, I have just started to use this formula. Rubbing it on as I type!

I stopped using it after I developed a really irritating itch on the penis and scrotum. I stopped the oil and the itch went away directly. Don’t know why it started, it was okay for months and then wham! Oh well…


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