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Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

Oh Errrroseeetttt.?

I’m gonna try and make my own potion.

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

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EVO is awesome stuff!

I initially stumbled across this thread about a year ago. I think I’ve read about 60-70% of the content on this site, probably closer to 95% of the content posted in the past 3 years. At the time I thought this was one of the wackier concepts.

But I took a year long break from PE and Thunder’s, came back too fast without proper reconditioning and got my first ever PE injury after just 3 days of extreme engorgement work: an injured, possibly thrombosed, vein on the ventral side right where the shaft meets the scrotum. It’s not visible, but was quite hard and extremely painful to the touch.

Based upon the following I’m not sure whether it’s actually thrombosed or merely distended, but it’s definitely a vein injury.

Originally Posted by pudendum
I believe that penis vein thrombosis is overblown in this forum. It is not near as common as the number of posts would make you believe. I posted recently a test to determine whether you have a vein thrombosis or not. Stretch your penis enough to straighten the vessel you’re concerned about, but not too much to overstretch it. Place a thumb or finger over the vein to compress it below any branches that feed into it (closer to the base of the penis). Take a finger of the other hand and strip the vein (run your finger down the vein towards the base) to remove all the blood in the vein. This might take a couple of strippings. Then remove your finger from over the vein and watch to see if the vein refills. If the vein drains all its blood and then refills, it is not thrombosed.

Enlarged tender veins after PE are generally a result of either increased blood flow causing distension or irritation of the vessel wall from mechanical injury. Veins have nerve endings in their wall that when stimulated by distension or irritation are perceived by the brain as burning or pain. Whether a vein that is distended resulting from mechanical injury heals to its normal state depends upon the extent of vessel wall injury, the ability to heal over time and whether the injury is repeated or chronic.

So I gave this thread a re-read and since there’s a Whole Foods two blocks from my house I figured what the hell and whipped up a batch. All I can say is “Wow!!!”

Wow, wow, wow. Eroset you are a fucking god for coming up with this! I’ve been using it for 2 days, and yesterday I basically massaged with the stuff for like 3 hours. The injury is greatly diminished. The vein remains noticeable to the touch but not as tough (like a rubber band) as it originally was and the pain is greatly diminished.

Now it’s certainly possible that my injury was very slight because I did catch it early (while I didn’t recondition properly I’m no newbie and am quite in touch with my dick), and would have healed at this rate without the oil, but I think the EVO has helped.

What I am stunned by is the marked change in vascularity after just 36 hours. I’m seeing veins I’ve never seen before while erect and the prominent ones remain visible and swollen even while completely flaccid. My flaccid hang is also much better, zero turtling at all. This stuff is great and will be my everyday jelq lube from now on.

As far as my slight variation I did use grapeseed as a carrier rather than olive oil. I much prefer the scent (or lack thereof) of the grapeseed and as it’s what Whole Foods was selling as their base massage oil because of it’s penetrating ability I decided to try it. Perhaps I’ll try a batch with olive oil in the future to compare…but I’m so pleased with this batch I rather doubt it.

Like others I’m a *little* concerned about the Lavender Oil and it’s effect on hormones but not too much. I’m also concerned about increased sensitivity. My girlfriend was begging me to pound her harder last night but I just couldn’t do it, was fighting the urge to come from basically 4 minutes on and had to go slower than I (and she) usually prefer. Don’t know if that’s because of the oil or because I essentially edged for 3 hours yesterday. Time will tell and I’ll update.

Today I’m going to add 1 ml of cinnamon leaf oil as Veesel raved about it. I’ll keep you updated.

Long post, but this thread hasn’t seen much action in awhile and I really wish I’d mixed up a batch of this stuff day one in my PE career.

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What place (online or brick-mortar) has the best deal on the ingredients?

Don’t know who has the best deal, but Eroset links to camden grey in the first post of this thread and that is where I got my EVO supplies.

Cool, I am probably going to order this tommorow from Camden Grey. From past experience, how long does one batch last if applied twice a day?

A long, long time. :)

Great to hear. I am hoping this can increase bloodflow as advertised. I am very excited to try it.

It’s fantastic stuff. I’ve had great success with it in terms of better blood flow and increased engorgement when erect during sessions, and also more of a ‘plump’ when flaccid.

Will this make the quality of your erections better? Since there is increased flow I am assuming that your erections would be harder and fuller, correct?

I’m trying to avoid big veins… It’s because a couple of veins are heading towards a mole under my dickhead and its starting to change shape. I have to have it removed.

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Hello Everyone,

I have been a member for awhile but have not posted. Thanks to Eroset and EVO.
I decided to write. I do not have any problems of my veins but mixed up a batch because I want larger veins and thinking it would help me ballon.
I have been appling it every morning and night for a week. I hang a little larger flacid. I have studied herbs in my quest to enlarge. I added some
Other herbs to the mix and in the second night I woke up about 5:00 AM with an extreme throbbing erection that was so intense it hurt. At 7:00 AM I decided to go to the emergency room as my penis was throbbing as hard as I ever remember. My age is 45. On the way to the emergency room I lost my erection. I was happy for that! It was a rather scary experience.
Could it just be Placibo? I will try again on the weekend. I am listing
The items I added and what I know of them. Please try this at your own risk as I do not know the risks. Please if you try it, Post your findings. Thanks!!

Vetiver-Oxegenator add 2ml
Sandalwood-aphrodisiac add 2 ml
Ginkgo Biloba Extract-Vasodilator 2ml liquid
Wild Yam extract-Vasodilator 2ml liquid
Cajeput Oil-Vasodilator 2ml
Tee Tree Oil-Vasodilator 2ml
L-Arginine-Vasodilator 3ml liquid
Borage Oil-Vasodilator 2ml
Hawthorne extract-Vasodilator 2ml

I got most items on The rest on ebay.

Whatever happened to Eroset?

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What are the implications if this gets on your balls? Could it be a problem?

I have tried not to get it on my balls, So I am not sure if it would be a problem!


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