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Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

I hope most of you guys who are getting bad reactions first tried it out on another part of your body first….and a diluted version at that.

I just made mine, and it works great. It leaves my skins super soft, but I smell more like ginger and lemons than lavender =P

I also use it to massage my muscles, sore back. I can’t say that I see any effect in terms of the veins but definitely nothing bad has occurred. I smell good too, at least to me. So far its been 3 days. I’ll post more results as they happen.

Has anyone tried adding yohimbe or yohimbine to the mixture? How about any other herbs?

Help if you can…I am injured

This post seems to address Thrombosis but the bump I have from jelqing seems to be more of a varicose vein or inflammation.

The location is right at the beginning of the glans and if I look straight down on the top side of my dick I can see the area is about a 3/16” in diameter. The area is not hard but it does sting when I jelq which is why I stopped after I noticed it.

Can anybody say whether this formula will work on this injury? I have stopped jelqing for a week…how long should I wait before beginning again taking all the precautions of course.

Thanks Zy

Sounds like a thrombosed vein. Best lay off until things are back to normal down there.

thanks JeanJeudi!

it really sucks because I was starting to see results..

I am going to be safe instead of sorry and lay off till things normalize.

People have made reference to guitar strings in this thread…does that always accompany a thrombosed vein cause it seems I noticed this in other areas too.

cheers, zy

‘Guitar String” and “hard like a pencil” seem to come up often in describing thrombosed veins. Haven’t blown one yet thank the gods.

Guess this is yet another lesson in patience…and paying closer attention while doing the excercises.

Right now at 53 years of age I feel pretty beat up with (2) bad shoulders, gout, bad back, arthritic hip and a thrombosed dick.

It could always be worse though!


Sweet almond oil

Hi has anyone used sweet almond oil as a carrier oil?


The use of the aromatic vasodilators intrigued me, so I tried the solution as you suggested, while it is too early to have an “authoritative” observation, preliminarily, the mixture is beneficial particularly for wet two handed jelqing, combined with pumping as it encourages engorgement to a useful degree. I will explore more fully in time. As a general rule of thumb, caution is wise when applying a liquid directly to “the unit”. This seems so far to be a useful tool to further optimize the process of certain aspects of PE.

Someone mentioned niacin application, thus here are a few of my thoughts on it- taken internally it induces a very nice peripheral flush (vasodilatation) of some benefit to skin, scalp, and hair per enhanced circulation. Also niacin is very effective in large doses for it cholesterol and lipid lowering effect. Thirdly, it can enhance growth hormone release similarly to L ARG (they can be used together possibly enhancing the effect). Direct application to the penis, though probably would do little in way of a response.


The Alchemy of PE


I have been using this mixture since early June for two handed jelquing and pumping. if I were Ebert and Roeper, i would give it “two thumbs up” regarding a number of parameters such as for eg. EQ, neuro-sensitivity,etc. It is a v. good/great general tonic for healthy and under the weather units.


The Alchemy of PE.

I found this thread while reading another thread, and I’m glad I’ve read it!

I imagine that this EVO oil is great mainly because it increases circulation and therefore aids healing and
increased vascularity. I im encouraged by Merlin’s comment about “neuro-sensitivity”. I am suffering from
a little bit of diabetic neuropathy, I’ve discovered, and I hope this will help me. I made my own blend today
and it really is great! I plan to use it for maintenance jelqing, masturbation/handjobs and its
“medicinal properties”.



(12/5/2008) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.75" BSFL: 8.1" FL: 5" FG 4.25"||New Goal: NBPEL: 8" EG: 6"

Technique: 95% Wet Jelqing, 5% Low Vacuum Pumping

Photos Journal

Hello all, Eroset that is a great idea. I’m a bit of an herbalist myself and I have thought about using herbs as a way to increase bloodflow. One spice I know that promotes circulation and heart stregth is Cayenne. If you know about making creams or ointments it way be just what your looking for with unit stimulation I’m cooking up some now to use with clamping and I will post my thoughts and experience soon.

I love cayenne it’s very good for your body all around, in addition to it’s prommising PE results.

Is 21ml of sunflower oil sufficient for diluting the original measurements of oils (without clady glas) set by eroset?

One stupid question. Is the recipe designed for one use only? Cause 1/2 cup of olive oil seems too much for that.

Ok so can you tell me how much should I put in my container to make a large amount considering that I have 10ml of Lavender, 10 ml of Lemongrass, 10 ml Rosemary whilst using how much carrier base oil.


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