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Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

Thanks Eroset. For me this is a godsend. Better flacid hang, better erections, helping with what i believe to be a thrombosed vein too. I guess as it helps me so much perhaps this points to a problem with circulation for me. Wouldnt surprise me as my circulation isn’t great, always have cold feet and hands etc.

UK people, there’s a very cheap place where I buy my essential oils for just £1 or £1.50 per 10ml bottle:

Some members have suggested using the oil with a condom.

I tried condom pumping with the oil (+ electric heat pad) but it just breaks the condom.

Hello Zy !

What about your trombosed vein ?? I Have the some problem..

What can I do ?

Thank you very much..

Originally Posted by zy
Guess this is yet another lesson in patience.and paying closer attention while doing the excercises.

Right now at 53 years of age I feel pretty beat up with (2) bad shoulders, gout, bad back, arthritic hip and a thrombosed dick.

It could always be worse though!


For everyone whinning about trombosed veins I bursted the big vein and it now pokes out the top and it looks SIIIIIICK. So you should be thankful you don’t have that problem.

I tried this remedy and I am amazed at how quickly it works! After one application, my thrombosis vein is much better. The hard beads are almost gone. Amazing! Thanks, Eroset!

This stuff ain’t no joke! Really works.

I have one spot where I constantly get the “string of pearls.” After applying this recipe to that spot, I found the direction that the vessel is supposed to travel. In the process of trying to squeeze and press and move the beads along, the bottom-most one actually popped and the rest of the beads almost immediately disappeared.

One weird little warning. Once I applied a good amount of EVO and a lot of heat at the end of a PE session. I was doing it late at night and I went immediately to bed. I had lots of long, freaky and intense dreams. I had also taken a fair amount of vinpocetine close to bed time, too. So now I try to avoid large amounts of either too close to bed time.

"That which is measured, grows." (author unknown, corporate slogan at Microsoft)

Anyone have a good place in the US we can order from?

Sorry for the bump. Tried to find the oils

All we have in my city are the fragrance ones.. Can’t find essential oils :(

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

I made some of this oil about a year ago. I had access to all the ingredients and mixed them together with persicion. Big Al posted the idea in some other website. I tried it and wrote my review. Then someone talked about Bio-oil, which apparently had the same effect. And you can just buy it at your local Wal-greens or Rite-aid for like $13.

Without having read the 27 pages, I’m asking, what is the shelf life of this oil? I still have my batch from a year ago, (or more). Will it still work? Does it get better with age?

OK, In page 16, Eroest says that the olive oil will evaporate before the essential oils do. A sealed container should keep everything intact. I wonder if I should make a new batch and compare.

I have found these essential oils on EBay at pretty reasonable prices and cheap shipping.

People need to be careful about blood clots. The term “PE” will have a dual meaning for you. Pulmonary Embolism. That clot that you knock loose may well travel to your lungs and make it rather hard for you to breathe. A little tiny one probably won’t hurt, but they have a tendency to get larger and extend proximally. Bad stuff.

Jojoba oil, olive oil & almond oil work very well for me.

Guys, be aware it is best to keep the oils refrigerated when not in use, and more importantly in a cool, dark place. They will last much longer.

Being back to PE I’m going to mix some again.
I wonder why people forgot about it.

Back in the days I used it during my clamping sessions and I felt that it help improving blood circulation. What do the more medical aware guys think? Does it only improve blood circulation in the skin?

I read in an another forum that lavender could boost estrogen. Perhaps I’m going to leave it out.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.



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