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erection and kegel help.

erection and kegel help.

Hi , I´ve been on Thunder´s for a long time now , but due the the army and a lot of health problems and personal life , I just got back to serious work now. Anyway I have a hard time keeping a 100% hard erection. I guess my pc muscle is weak as hell , since I can hardly hold a 3 sec kegel , ( my unit just comes up and down and this is when I´m erected.) It gets a lot easier if I’m semi - fully Erected. I´m having good gains since I found this great place , but this erection problem always blows me down. And its especially hard when I want to measure my gains. Extremely frustrating. Can anyone advise me a good kegels intense program? I´m not even sure if i should do them flaccid since the result is really pathetic , I can´t hold anything , and get tired in like one minute.. Sorry for all the trouble and I hope someone can be of help as always. God bless Thunder´s :)

Happy PEing



First things first. Hello2, are you conditioned, and I a’m not talking penis wise, are you in good shape? Do you exercise regularly? An everyday walk can do wonders if you are not in good shape. You may want to try cardio to get the blood flowing, that could stiffen and maintain an erection. Kegeling flacid is not such a bad idea either. Hope everything goes well.

I´m in pretty good shape , just always a problem I had , I tried kegels but never commited to it because of my very weak Pc muscle.. But i think If I do it , it will solve my problems. Slack´s reply seems perfect. Will surely try it .

try some horny goat weed before exercising along with damiana. I use these before lifting wieghts cause it gives me a lot of energy. It has been said that they will give you one hell of a erection just before sex. I have never tried it cause I always forget while in the moment, but I plan on it.

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