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What of an erection should you kegel with

What of an erection should you kegel with

I know it’s 50-60% for jelqs, but what about kegels?

I may have misunderstood kegels possibly, but I can kegel anywhere, without touching my dick.

I can see that adding resistance is a plus though, I may try that.

Measurements as of June 29, 2005 eg: 6 inch bpel: 7.2 inch nbpel: 6.3 inch My Goal eg: 7 inch bpel: 8.9 inch nbpel: 8 inch Have A Nice Day! :)

Yep, what the mangy mutt wrote.

Plenty of guys do kegals whole they commute, just tense and relax.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Normally, I “kegel” with a full erection. I work my PC muscle as if working out at the gym. I’ll hang a sock or pair of underwear on the head of my erect penis, and do 10 to 12 lifts with my penis. I’ll lift as fast as I can, hold it for a second, and then let it down slowly. I have had great results with this. I now last much longer during sex.

You new guys need to learn how to use the search button, top right of every page. This question has been asked several times in the last couple months. Use the search or read recent posts in the Newbie forum and you’ll probably find that your question has already been answered.

Kegel question
Kegels question

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