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differences in measurement

differences in measurement

when I measure a stretched flaccid at an upwards angle, I have about an inch and a half less than I do when I measure straight out. I attribute this to mostly doing BTC hangs and downward stretches, which stress ligaments at a downward angle - the connective tissues on the top of the penis rather than the underbelly. Am I correct?

I am guessing that the limiting factor in upward stretches is the tunica, or underside ligaments which do not get a proper stretch at BTC. This is a big problem because my erection angle is naturally very high, so its got all this ligament length thats going unused because its being limited by the absolute length of my tunica.

Would doing upward stretches properly fix this? Almost everything I read here stresses BTC angles for best gains.

Yes in BTC you stress the top more than the bottom to start with but once the top has stretched you’ll be pulling the bottom as much.

Going for an upward angle stretch will put more strain on the bottom initially, so it could be used to correct.

You also have to bear in mind that when measuring straight out you are likely to be revealing more of the inner penis.

Personally I don’t use BTC but then I’m not a hanger and I was worried (possibly spuriously) about irretrievable erection angle changes.


There are no underside ligaments. You are stretching the tunica when you work on the underside.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good point Jelktoid :D

Fuel, check some of anatomy diagrams, like the ones mentioned here.


So BTC will eventually work the tunica?

No BTC will work the tunica immediately but the top side more than the bottom. The tunica is an inner sheath.

Thats a bad description.

The tunica covers the CC and CS. So if you think of them when thinking of the tunica, you’re on the right track.

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