Measurement method and good record keeping

I have been doing PE for a little over 2 years. Sadly, it has taken me this long to absolutely convince myself that PE works. I could have convinced myself in much less time (maybe 6 months) had I used a reliable measurement method and kept better records.

My first measurement was with a clumsy tape measure. I measured BPEL along the side of my penis. Without records I cannot prove it to myself but I believe I initially measured my BPEL as just under 6”. I remember thinking at the time, “Well, I’m average”. I quickly became frustrated with how uncomfortable the tape measure felt and how I would loose some of my erection while taking the measurement. So, I developed what I thought was the epitome of accurate measurements. I bought a pump cylinder that had metric graduations on the side. I did not have a vacuum gauge so I would pump it to the max and take the measurement. I was jelqing and stretching and realized some quick newbie gains of a 5-8 mm. I then found that my gains (using my pumped erect length) were almost frozen. I began hanging and it seemed that any gains I did get came after taking breaks. I was recording 2-4 mm gains every 3-4 months but wondering if it was real. My wife seemed to enjoy lovemaking more and my penis felt like it was getting larger but I wasn’t sure. I even bought a better pump and added a vacuum gauge but the same basic results occurred; small random gains in my pumped length.

Then last week, for no particular reason I decided to take a measurement using a plastic ruler. I pushed it as far as it would go along the side of my penis and OH MY GOD!!! No matter how I held the ruler, I am now no less than 7”. There is no way that I could have made a 1” measurement error.

However, I believe that there is too much variability in measuring along the side of my penis. I plan to measure and record only measurements made from the top where the bone does not angle away as it does along the side. This measurement on me is 6 5/8” repeatable to +/- 1/16”. This is what I will record as my starting measurement in the PE Data Base.

I recall a post talking about how BPEL increases toward the BPFSL. This is what was happening slowly in my case but I didn’t measure BPEL for over a year so I didn’t see my gains. I am also slowly increasing BPFSL. Thank God I did not stop PE just because my BPFSL was gaining so slowly.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that PE is for real. If it was not for this forum and all the good information circulating around I probably would have given up. My most sincere thanks to Thunder and all you who continue to develop PE.