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Accurate Standard Of Measurement

Accurate Standard Of Measurement

Hi all.

I have been an avid reader of these forums since I joined and it seems to me that when claims of GAINS from NATURAL PE are fully scrutinized, 99% of these claims cannot be verified.

I think that this is basically down to two issues - An INACCURATE STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT and a LACK OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE.

What I am interested in is finding a MORE ACCURATE STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT so that we can all AVOID WASTING TIME.

Measuring FLACCID GAINS is next to impossible and/or pointless so the following will concentrate on ERECT GAINS.

I suspect that SOME who claim GAINS are simply LYING.

So why would people lie about NATURAL PE GAINS?

1) Direct or indirect financial gain through the commissioned sale of wraps, hangers, pumps etc.
2) Freaks who like to fuck with our heads.

I suspect that MOST who claim GAINS could actually be CONFUSED.

The only way to accurately conclude that an individual has GAINED anything is by a BEFORE and AFTER measurement of the penis at MAXIMUM AROUSAL.

My EG varies from 4.75” to 5.5”, depending on many factors, but the greatest factor affecting my EG fluctuations is how AROUSED I am. If I pump I can increase it to around 5.75” but, like most who pump, my dick fills up with lymph fluids and ends up sore or numb anyway.

To me, it seems quite logical that the vast majority of the GAINS recorded by the members of this site could simply be accounted for by fluctuations in AROUSAL.

The problem with MAXIMUM AROUSAL is that it is very unlikely to occur with a ruler or tape measure in one or both of your hands.

A MORE ACCURATE STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT could be measuring at SIMULATED MAXIMUM AROUSAL - A measurement recorded whilst wearing a COCK RING or CLAMP. Not truly accurate of course - the longer you leave those things on, the more your dick fills up with lymph fluids. Perhaps SIMULATED MAXIMUM AROUSAL could be defined as measuring whilst wearing one of these devices for a MAXIMUM of 5 MINUTES.

I don’t pretend to have the complete answers to the measuring problem, but we must find a MORE ACCURATE STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT because the CURRENT STANDARD is VIRTUALLY USELSS for assessing GAINS.

Many times on this site I have read stories from the supposed HARD-GAINER who gets nowhere and is greeted with the lame offering from the supposed BIG-GAINER that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Maybe the EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT factor really is a major part of all this, but unless a MORE ACCURATE STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT is introduced, we will never know how much this factor plays a part.

Furthermore, any claims of GAINS without PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE should simply be dismissed.

At the very least, the MODERATORS of this site should not be allowed to make unsubstantiated claims of GAINS. The title of MODERATOR implies someone who is trustworthy. If you examine the claims made in PEFOREAL’s moniker you will note that two of the three main methods of his NATURAL PE routine are not even NATURAL at all. His situation is a clear example of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

PEFOREAL may be for real. He may be the nicest guy on earth but, without PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE, he has missed the boat.

Of course even PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE can be faked, but we have much more chance of spotting FAKE PHOTOGRAPHS than FAKE OR CONFUSED PARAGRAPHS.

Measure it before orgasm

I always measure my dick just before having an orgasm. I masturbate and bring my self very close to orgasm. That is how I reach maximum arousal(and a maximum quantity of blood into my penis), and I do that every time I measure, to avoid bad measurement.And it also stays filled with maximum amount of blood for a period of time. Simple. I gained 1 centimeter in 1 month of PE. I don’t know if that`s real gain or just better blood flow, but it`s fine by me.




Perhaps most of your size changes are due to changes in level of arousal. Certainly many of our older members acknowledge that some of their “gains” are probably due to improved/restored erection quality. This isn’t the case for everyone, however. I get exactly the same erect measurement every time during the months when I’m not PEing actively. No fluctuations in “arousal level” at all.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba


Sorry. The whole caps thing was a bit overstated.


I agree with the idea that a lot of people have trouble measuring consistantly, which is a necessity for precision. Right from the beginning of doing PE I thought that precision in measuring was vital if I was going to convince myself that it works. Precision as opposed to accuracy is what I was aiming for. Accuracy implies closeness of the measurement to the true value of the quantity measured, since our penises don’t have a “true” size, accuracy is not obtainable. Precision on the other hand is defined by the terms repeatability, stability and constancy.

To achieve precision right from the start I did everything possible to get my measurements as big as possible. Bone pressed, best erection, hardest bone press, pushing angle of penis below 90’ to my body. After a few weeks of starting I could say it’s 6.6 or maybe 6.7 but there’s no way I can pretend it’s 7.0.

Every three months I recorded my best possible measurements. I would measure several times over a few days and use the biggest measurements I could achieve.

Over a year and a half my measurement show a slow but steady increase of about 0.3” per year. If it keeps going in the same way for another eighteen months I should have gained about an inch.

At the moment my half inch increase would be very difficult to “prove” to anyone with photos and even if I make a full inch any photo evidence would still be less than water tight. But that doesn’t bother me because it’s not my job to convince other people I’ve gained anything.

If other people make claims of large, quick gains I genuinely hope they are right but those type of gains, if true, must be unsustainable in the long run.

Feb 2004 BPEL 6.7" NBPEL ???? BPFSL ???? EG 5.65" Feb 2005 BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 6.9" EG 5.8" Feb 2006 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.6" EG 5.85" Feb 2007 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.5" EG 5.9"


What does it matter what gains others make? If you have a standard means of measurement for assessing your own PE gains, you adhere to that standard and see gains for yourself, isn’t that what you set out to achieve anyway.

Or did you set out to measure everyone else on this site? Stats and pics can all be manipulated to show what the individual wants us to see; you can’t overcome that.

I visit the site and feel comfortable within a brotherhood of guys with a similar interest, and to learn from those before me. I take no notice of ‘claims’ in whatever format. I look, learn and leave to do my own thing. I don’t believe the site is about competing with the next guy, hence scrutinizing their methods. Each cock is as different as the guy it hangs from. ‘Gains’ will always be different.


Originally Posted by wentworth
What does it matter what gains others make?

The point of this community is to share knowledge and hone PE so we can all focus on what works best. Unfortunately the entire PE industry, natural or otherwise, is almost overwhelmed with BS artists, so much so that it nearly makes the sharing of ideas pointless. Maybe the BS issue really is unsolvable, but the idea of the before and after photographs would at least weed out some of the bigger BS artists. And yes I am a hard-gainer.

Originally Posted by wentworth

Good idea.

You are absolutely right about the level of arousal, and how it can affect size. That’s really a no-brainer. Anybody who’s been around PE for a little bit and has attempted to measure his penis on a consistent basis knows how much the size can fluctuate.

However, I use the same method of measuring that mbuc employs. Record your maximum erection over a few days’ period of time.

Originally Posted by jGman
You are absolutely right about the level of arousal, and how it can affect size. That’s really a no-brainer. Anybody who’s been around PE for a little bit and has attempted to measure his penis on a consistent basis knows how much the size can fluctuate.

However, I use the same method of measuring that mbuc employs. Record your maximum erection over a few days’ period of time.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a no-brainer. The fact that you have to be ‘around PE for a little bit’ to find out indicates that this is the kind of thing that could help newbies right from the start.

Jakeman, you are quite right. When I pulled my flaccid penis from pee hole to pubic bone while measuring it with a 15cm/6 in ruler, I got a figure above 15 cm or 6 inches ( my guess is 6.1 inches or so), but measuring it like you said during arousal with maximum blood in your penis ( well I didnt use a cock ring or clamp, I used a non elastic SPOLIED hair band and tied it around my WHOLE penis inc the balls and I got it to 6 inches even though my penis is beding towards the right as I am left handed. I got a bit unrealistic when 1 of the forum members said I need to be ambidextrous for masterbation and jelqing as well. It was taboo for me to change everything from LEFT to RIGHT, I made a decision last month that in order to get PE gains I need to use the right hand just like other right handed men AROUND THE WORLD do.

My point is this you are quite right. When I measure my erect penis, I don’t manipulate it by straightening it out so that I be motivated of getting a NEW MEASURING RULER OF 13+ inches/ 30 cm. I just leave it the waqy it is aroused towards the right and measure it from the pee hole to the pubic bone. Well I just started doing hanging using my dumbells and plus created a bean bag doughnut filled with 30 + (ill count them again) coins slightly bigger than US 5c and hanging this doughnut above my glans and below my circumcision scar, ie when my unit is pointing downwards. Thius is the best alternate than those golf weights I was recommended. I am not self supporting person yet so I got to do all this without cracking the Piggy Bank. I used a cylinderical medical wrap made of elastic cotton, I think my mom called it CRAY Bandage or something, the ones that ppl use to put around their limbs to relieve pain. I will post the picture of that cloth, when I mature up in the forums. Some person related to medical field can tell me it’s RIGHT name.

As far as pictures are concerned for people showing off their gains,well it’s upto them there and to their will of course. It is not that you are in a public shower and all the men showering alongside with you will be modest enough to have a peek on their units. Their will be some shy guys, either it will be too long and thin or too short and fat or any combination of the above.

Well flaccid measurement are good as well, but extended flaccid measurements are very tricky. You might be happy ur getting a reading of 6.1 inches from top to bottom but as ur cock is not straight, you loose a fraction of that lenght or so. Thats what my experience tells me.

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