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Another BPFSL measurement more accurate then "Dead Stretch"?

Another BPFSL measurement more accurate then "Dead Stretch"?

I try to measure once a week to keep track of gains. I can pop a chub in the drop of the hat, but it appears I cannot reach 100% full erection alone. At least when the ruler is out. More of a mental thing i’m sure. My wife can get it up instantly, we are talking so hard its like a 110% erection. But.. I can’t measure since I stealth PE.

So by reading post I discovered the “dead stretch”. In my opinion there is too much room for error, pulling on more skin, squashing the head. I just cannot seem to get it right. I measure “unofficially” 7” bpel. I say unofficially because i have popped a good chub a few times and without being alone I grabbed something near by marked off a line then measured up to the line.

I will not allow it officially until I see it on the ruler with my own eyes. So back to the point, I “think” I found a modified version of the dead stretch that at least for me is spot on. Of course we will not know the true accuracy of it until it is accurate with upcoming gains and hopefully with the help of board members.

So if you would, try this out and let me know how accurate it is, or isn’t.

#1 Measure your gland while your penis is flaccid, no pulling, stretching or squeezing blood into it. Pure flaccid gland measurement. “Mine = 1 inch”

#2 Grab your gland with your finger and thumb, with only the gland gripped stretch it out and take a bone pressed flaccid measurement of the shaft only. Stopping right under the rim of the gland. “Mine 6 inches”

#3 Add the two together 1 + 6 = 7”, which as of now is giving me my BPEL measurement.


#1 I think this is the most accurate bone pressed measurement of the shaft that relates to erect length. I think it will be hard to prove this wrong.


#1 The gland is flaccid, we all know more blood pumps into it and fills it up. This can prove this portion inaccurate.
#2 I haven’t had a good measurement on a ruler for 6 weeks, Maybe I have gained? If so and I don’t know it yet then this will be inaccurate.
#3 Doing a normal bone pressed flaccid stretch I hit a hair just under 8”. I am sure my gland don’t stretch two inches, where is the extra 1” at?

Don’t lay it on me to hard. I’m just thinking out loud and hoping with your help we can find another form to get a erect measurement out of a flaccid penis. Even if you poke fun and this post gets pushed to the back I can assure you if i had PE to do all over again I would have used this to measure shaft gains.

So even if its a failure I think “other” good can come out of this.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

At 4-1/2 years, this is hardly the oldest thread I’ve revived.

I always grab behind the glans so as not to deform it.

He didn’t get a single reply? Poor guy.
I tried it. It’s more similar to BPEL than BPFSL but the head-size still isn’t accurate.
I guess answer would be the usual: Whatever kind of measurement you can and will take consistently is a good measurement.

PS: It was only 3-1/2 years ;)

Start 06.2012 BPEL: 6.1" EG: 5.3" Current BPEL: 7.1" EG: 5.6" Goal BPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"

Weird, yeah, I misread it—thought it said 2009. My record is 9 years I think.

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