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Desperately need a heat solution

Desperately need a heat solution

Was just reading this thread: possible effective warm-up method to improve gains It’s about a flax heat pad. It’s perfect for some people, and good recommendation that isn’t seen enough round here.

However, for the moment I have very little privacy and desperately need a heating solution that is mains powered. Like the heat mats that you seem to be able to get in the US everywhere.

I’m going crazy trying to sneak socks and hot water bottles past everyone!

If anyone knows where I can get a mains powered device that heats to a good temperature and could be used for PE in the UK, please let me know!

Alternatively, is there anyone in the US who would be willing to buy one of those mats and post it to me? I will compensate you for your trouble (as long as you have paypal, or something like it) and will be forever indebted, as I have several useless mains powered devices I’ve tried that are either unwieldy or not hot enough.

Thanks in advance.

ICM, do you work out? Heat pads are generally used for speeding up the recovery of muscle damage. As long as you have a microwave, you’re set. THow the pad in for one minute and off you go to your bedroom, or bathroom, or whatever. If anyone asks bout the pad, just say it is ‘to help heal the muscles you just exercised more quickly, and reduces lactic acid buildup for muscle soreness’. That second part I’m not sure is true or not, but it sure sounds good right? Make it up, it’s pretty simple and justifiable. Or you could say you are feeling a little stiffness in your neck when you are sleeping, and the heat pad helps release the tension in your neck and you sleep better. You can quote me if you like :D

In the UK Argos Stores do a couple of mains electrical heat pads - origanlly designed for the rheumatiky oldsters like myself!!

Pricewise they are circa £20.00 sterling, and they also have a variable temperature control.

Ideal for going around a pump.

BTW, take a packed lunch with you when you call in for it!



No microwave here I’m afraid, that was my previous way of doing things. Thanks for the input all the same.


The fact that your post contains the words “perfect”, “for”, and “pumping” excites me greatly.

I’ve just been browsing the argos site and have found one or two items, but I’m not too sure about the usefulness of them. Do you have a particular model in mind, that they still stock?

I have found this one:…roductId=109847

However, it’s 40x29cm. Rather large for a 10” tube?

Thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

ICM, did you have a look at mrp’s thread? I tried to place an order, tried being the operative word. mrp is really helpful, so perhaps he would get you one and send it on, I’m sure he would do this for you with pleasure.

I think the thread was called ‘Excellent Heat Pad’.

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Thanks rousseau,

I’m a little strapped for cash atm so I’ve gone for the argos item. I hope it isn’t crap, I’m so excited by the prospect it had better get very hot or I’ll be very disappointed.

It arrives Friday, and ranks as more exciting than getting my Bib or even my pump as I’ve always had shoddy heat sources. If this works well I’m going to go into PE overdrive and get into a proper schedule.

Thanks all for your suggestions.

Cool dude. May the force be with you.

ICM, just looking at the pad in Argos makes me think it wont provide enough heat, but you never know until you try. But don’t forget about the 16 day money back guarantee.



It states 100W on the pad itself, and it gets pretty hot, especially when I pump in bed with a book! :)

I’m pleased with it for the moment.

Originally Posted by Eeyore2
BTW, take a packed lunch with you when you call in for it!


Lol! I thought it was just my local branch that had a 9 til 5 siesta.

I order online. B-)

What a guy.

After reading your post, I did not know whether to laugh or to astonish: I live in the topics, “eternal spring”, hot most of the time. Excuse me if I´m giving a useless advise but if you get a tall glass and fill it with hot water, then immerse your penis inside, and wait, you will be heating it, I believe, sufficiently.

If my English is bad it´s because my main language is Spanish.

Have a good trip in the PE wonderland!


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