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Dry heat vs. Wet heat

Dry heat vs. Wet heat

Hey guys, I have a question about warming up before my PE.

I use a rice sock, actually it’s meant to be used on the neck but it works just fine for heating up my groin.

Is there any real difference between using wet heat or dry heat? What I mean is, sometimes I just put the sock right on my groin after I microwave it. Sometimes, I will get a hand towel wet and put that around my cock before I wrap the rice sock.

Is there any difference? Heat is heat, right? Personally I haven’t noticed any difference, I just wanted to see what is the preferred way of doing it.

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Moist heat penetrates better, basically because there’s more surface area contact.

But a rice sock provides some pretty moist heat. Just make sure you change your rice every couple of months.

Some members use flax seeds, I’m not sure if they’re any better, but some seem to think that they are.

I’ve been using a rice sock for about a month and I think it heats just as well as my wet heating. The way I used to do my warm-up was by putting my penis in a glass of warm to hot water. This worked very well, but I figured I’d give the rice sock a try. I like the rice sock more because the heat lasts longer, and I got tired of refilling those glasses. The thing I don't like about the rice sock is that my penis doesn’t look at all impressive when I’m done heating. The girth isn’t anything over which a person should be proud, and the length is pretty much what my penis looks like when it isn’t shrivelled, between 4 to 4.5 inches. With the glass of water, however, my penis would bloat out and look large (to me). I’ve also noticed that the “good” days in which I would naturally hang looking very large have decreased since I’ve been using my rice sock.

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Moist is better. The rick sock puts out a lot of moisture the first heating of the day. I’ve set it on a cold weight plate, and a lot of water condensed. The sock isn’t nearly as moist on subsequent heatings. A damp towel would help if you intend to heat for a long time.

I tried flax because I got sick of the smell of burned rice. It was softer but smelled like hot flax oil. I heard some seeds exploding each time I nuked it. Might be really nasty when it turns rancid.

IMO, the best heating method is a hot bath.

Originally Posted by hobby

I tried flax because I got sick of the smell of burned rice.

IMO, the best heating method is a hot bath.

HAHAHA!! My girlfriend came over about two weeks ago RIGHT after I got done w/PE(she doesn’t know what I’m up to as of yet) and remarked of the odor….it was the burnt rice!

You could always use Jasmine Rice…my wife comments on how she feels like Thai food every time I heat it up because it is so fragrant.

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