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possible effective warm-up method to improve gains

possible effective warm-up method to improve gains

I know I’ve seen it mentioned once on a thread, but I’ll give my initial impression for the pursuit of a more effective PE routine. Yes I’m al ‘lurker’ on the boards, don’t post very often, but I digress.

I just bought a ‘flax seed heat pad’. Now I know this sounds boring, but this may help out if you’ve been plateauing. I’ve used it for a few PE workouts prior to stretching and jelquing and it it seems to be quite effective in the efficiency of my workout thus far. When I first started PE, nearly 2 years ago and all of it grossly inconsistent until now, I tried implementing some warm-up routines prior to jelquing. I ended up leaving out warm up sessions all together, as a hot wrap usually consisted of getting a cloth wet with hot water, and water is a terrible medium for witholding heat. I’d have to keep heating the cloth, then risk scalding myself as I applied it, only to have it cool off 1 minute later. Then when I was done with the wrap, my penis became cold due to the cooling process of evaporation. Ineffective and counter productive for me.

Over the past 9 months I’ve really stuck to PE, and get a solid 3-4 workouts a week. My workouts simply consisted of 10-15 minutes manual stretching, then 20 minute Jel Q. I noticed some great results around the 6 month mark, but have not seemed to progressed these last months. I’m now 9 months consistently into my routines, and I just started using a flax seed heat pad prior to streching and Jelqing. The Flax seed holds heat very well. YOu simply put it in the micowave for 1 minute, then wrap your dick in it. It’s comfortably and you don’t have to hold it. Just grab a book, sit back and wrap. It left my member quite limber, and I was able to get a very comfortable, and incredible manual stretch routine out of it. My dick stretched noticeably farther during my second day of using the heat pad. Again, just finished a 3rd workout and had a great stretch. My Jelq session felt really good too, all my cells were very warmed up and were capable of expanding to their max.

Anyway, I’m no pro PE guy, but my body can tell that this is working out better than normal. Just wanted to throw this out there for guys like me who were skipping the warm up routine because of an in-efficient method. Oh yeah, Flax seed heat pad is easily under $10, good for relieving muscle tension\pain, as an added bonus :)


Sounds interesting. Who makes them and where do I find them. Warming up properly has also been a problem for me and I’m always on the lookout for a good alternative.


Also, how long does it hold heat?

I saw this link in another thread the other day. I think it’s the same thing.

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Oh yes, it’s easy to forget the advantage of warm up.

One can also just use the flasks you fill with water for warming your feet in bed. Since the water is contained in some kind of rubber it stays hot for quite some time. This is great if you like to stretch in the bathroom, and don’t want too much attention by bringing flax seeds with you to the wc. ;)

Mugwomp..Unfortunately the flax seed Moist heat pack I picked up was in a little Mom and pop store in Montana :) No company on the package, but nearly all flax seed heat packs will perform the same. I just googled “Flax seed heat pack” and got a number of sellers. As far as how long it holds heat? A lot longer than you’ll need. I apply the pack for 10-15 minutes before my PE routine, and it remains hot the entire time. In all honesty, I’ll finish my warm up, do my PE session, maybe play some piano, 2 hours later I check the heat pad just to see if it is warm at all, and it is..significantly. Believe me, it retains heat well. I put mine in the micro wave for 1 minute and that’s it. No going back to re-warm it.

Don’t bother with water heating solutions. And invest in a flax seed pack rather than rice pack, because rice doesn’t withold the heat as well.

Sounds like a good investment.

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