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Multi-clamp numbness!


Multi-clamp numbness!

I was doing an extreme uli last night with a multi-clamp. While clamped, I noticed that my penis felt really numb. I immediately removed the clamp and most of the feeling came back.

It was still a little numb when I had sex latter last night. It improved a lot, if not completely over night.

Now, today, I am fairly certain that it feels a little different, but I am not sure how. I guess it just feels different as I walk around in my shorts. I guess I might be imagining it. I masturbated and again, I think it felt just a little different. Ejaculation was not a problem. If there is damage, it is slight.

My plan is to leave it alone for a few days. I will keep you guys informed.

I am hoping to hear from guys with similar experiences but any feed back would be great as I am feeling more than a little nervous.


Definitely a case of irreversible nerve damage if I ever heard it, your screwed.

Just kidding:D

Do just as you said you would, leave it alone for a bit, do nothing but warm soaks for at least three days.

Back when I first started pumping, I scared the crap out of myself thinking I had done nerve damage.
I was so eager to get gains, I got the pump and without hot wrapping would just go in erect
and pump it up to 12Hg.
That’s what the sheet that came with my pump, said to do.
It said to hot wrap first but I said, “ahhh, I don’t need to do that.”
It also said to do it for ever increasing amounts of time, working your way up to two hours.

I had donuts that would of made Dunkin Donuts beam with pride. I had more red dots on my dick than a freshman has pimples.
I simply didn’t know any better.
My pride and joy went completely numb, I could barely feel anything for the longest time, it scared me good.

I quit pumping and all feeling came back full force.
I’ve since, started pumping again, way more informed thanks to this forum
and singularly Avocet and wouldn’t dream of doing that, ever again.
Now, the only time I venture above 8Hg. is to finish off the last minute or so, of a set.

Now, since restarting my PE career, I have experienced some numbness.
If I was forced to say the thing most responsible, I would have to say stretching,
but nothing like I did when I first started pumping,
during my rest days, it goes away and I’m back to my super sensitive self.


What’s your routine with the multi-clamp? Like, how long are you keeping it on and for how many reps?

And aside from the numbness, does it give you a good chubby? (That’s kind of like asking: “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”)

Also, where’d you find your multi-clamp?

EZ Rider

Thanks for your reply.

This is my most serious injury. I have had skin soreness problems but I was starting to think my dick was indestructible. I have just been doing this for years without any real injures. DO NOT GET TOO CONFIDENT!!!

Geez, I am really embarrassed to say exactly how this happened because I really should have known better, but here goes:

I was doing erect bends while clamped. Those who have known me for awhile will probably find a little humor and irony in this.

I don’t know if I tightened the multiclamp too tight and/or separated a nerve(s) with the bending. Either way, I am out for awhile. Also, for you guys using CABLE CLAMPS, they put a similar stress on the top of the penis. You might consider using something else. This is scary shit!!!

If and when I go back to extreme ulis, I will stick with the bib starter. With it, you can close the clamp so than the hinge is on the bottom (urethra) of your penis. Then you don’t have direct pressure on the top.

Never put direct pressure on the top.

This is also probably and end to my erect clamped bends, twists, pulls and other stupid crazy shit. I don’t need them to get max engorgement, I just get there more quickly with them.

I hope more guys will respond to this thread. I can use all of the feed back and ideas I can get.

I should have known better!



I was keeping it on for about 9 minutes. Fist I wrap really tight and after that, it takes about 1 min to get the multi clamp in place.

I have been busy lately so only a few reps. I just started experimenting with the last couple of weeks. I have done a ton of extreme uli work with the Bib starter the way I described without this problem.

“And aside from the numbness, does it give you a good chubby? (That’s kind of like asking: “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”)”

I had about an extra 0.75in of girth to play with last night. I mean hard veiny pussy stretching girth, none of this fluid shit. I was over 6in girth, but at what cost. I can also do this with the Bib. The beauty of the multiclamp is the control; there is no way for the fluid to exit the penis. Then, if you bend, the tissue must deform. The ugliness of it is the pressure it puts on the top of the penis. What good is a thick dick if you can’t feel it. It’s like a blink guy buying expensive paintings, what the fuck is the point? Impress others? I want to feel my dick.

Sorry for the rant. I am frustrated.


Yeah, I could imagine that happening while doing erect bends. That’s a drag. I’m sorry. I’ve done bends and squeezes with the multi-clamp on but this is an unfortunate reminder to be really careful. The best treatment is probably just what EZRider prescribed: rest and warm soaks.


“I’ve done bends and squeezes with the multi-clamp on but this is an unfortunate reminder to be really careful.”

I have done these before in the last couple of weeks with the multi-clamp. I was doing it like I had done it before. I was not going particularly extreme. These wern’t even among my most extreme exercises, at least I didn’ think so.

Most importantly, there were no warning sighs, no sharp pain, crack or anything like that. It just went dead to the touch. The only predictor was the danger of the exercises. I was like, “Oh shit, I am joe seven!”

This was a lesson. I am still sitting here trying to decide what is wrong with it now. The best way I can describe it is, the top quarter, the head and skin above the cir scar feels a little rubbery, like maybe I have 90% feeling.

I sincerely hope you won’t do these anymore : ( I hope no one will.


My normal girth has been 6.5” mid-shaft. When using two cable clamps along with a steel ring I get to 7.25” girth. After taking the clamps off this morning I noticed an indentation all the way around my cock at the base where the clamps were. After some medium jelqing it all quickly evened out nicely and it remained at 7.0” girth. If the cable clamps were more rounded on the edges I think they would be more ideal for pe.

In order for me to get such incredible increases I have found that the answer is in heat. I use medium to hot running water along with an infrared 250 watt heat lamp while I jelq and squeeze.

I put the steel 2.0” i.d. ring on as far as I can. Then I put on a thick soft cloth wrist band double folded (for good padding) up to the ring. Now, right in front of the ring (over the padding), I put on the two cable clamps reversed from each other with the pivot points on the bottom and the release catches on top pointing away from each other.

I alternate the tightness every five to ten minutes to maintain good blood flow. At first, I tighten them up pretty tight and build up a lot of pressure while under a slow running shower (just enough water to keep my dick nice and warm/hot). Then, I’ll loosen the clamps to the first notch and jack them back and forth using them as a masturbation aid to bring myself to a really hard erection. Then, I tighten the clamp closest to the base as tight as I can tighten it while doing a kegel. Then I tighten the other clamp a couple clicks, but not quite as tight as the other one. This provides very intense pressure (especially if you are near ejaculation). If you want to increase it more, do some kegels and squeeze your legs together while jacking off. Also, when clamped up like this I do stretching (don’t stretch downwards though). Being that there’s a nice big knob to grab on to, I use both hands and pull all my might in an upward direction. It’s really intense, but I don’t feel like I’m hurting myself at all. My dick has really been getting big lately (8.0” elbp x 7.0” egms)!

I may have noticed minor numbness a couple of times, but nothing that has been serious enough for me to quit doing pe. The only thing that really concerns me is how the cable clamps are squared off on the sides. We should find some sort of adjustable clamps that have more rounded edges to minimize the chance of injury.

My girlfriend says that she has noticed the extra size. It’s a very noticeable difference to me also, because I nail her cervix all of the time now and she moans more when we have sex.

I’m not going to relax with this pe endeavor until I’m 9.5” elbp x 8.0” egms. My girlfriend told me today that an eight inch girth dick is what she considers to be big. Well, I’m only one inch away from being big for her I guess. When I told her that she was a cock hog last week she laughed and tried to deny it.


This is like some sort of bizare nightmare. I break my dick and in return, I finaly get my extreme pe forum in my injury thread.

I am sorry Road Hog, I am not criticizeing you, I am just afraid guys are going to focus more on my results thant my injury. If you put the cockring back on, take 3g of L-arg and take 3 ZMA about 45 min before sex on an empty stomach, you will have some of that last 1/4 to work with. If I were not numb, I would be doing something very similar to your routine right now.

Please, please do find another way to clamp though. This really is very scary.

I am scared.


This is like some sort of bizarre nightmare. I break my dick and in return, I finally get my extreme pe forum in my injury thread.

LMAO!!!:rolling: Oh man, I’m literally in tears, I’m sorry PS, that line just caught me the right way, at the right time.

something similar happened to me a few weeks ago. I was having sex with a steel cock ring on. My girth is 5” erect, but the ring was 1-1/4”. Not a good combination. 15 minutes into our pleasure, I realized she(the wife) was getting the f*#k her life and I couldn’t feel a thing. (Totally numb) I told her something was wrong and got up to take the ring off. It took me 15 to 20 minutes to go down enough to get the damn thing off of my dick. I lost feeling in my buddy for 2 days. I did heat wraps, stretches, manual squeezes, jelqs and massages. The feeling began to come back almost immediately. By the 3rd day, I was pretty much back to normal. It worked for me, hopefully it will do the same for you. By the way, it scared the shit out of me too!


The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe


That was just what I was waiting to hear before going to bed. I will sleep easier.

“15 minutes into our pleasure, I realized she(the wife) was getting the f*#k her life and I couldn’t feel a thing.”

You were probably too freaked out to measure you size after pulling out. I like to measure when the gf is in the bath room cleaning up right after.

Their responses are amazing huh? Such interesting sounds they make. The heat from their bodies. Unfortunately, the novelty of rapid dick girth increases wears off. They are not joking when they say, “it’s never as good as the fist time.”

I remember one night, it was probably the fist time I exceeded 6 in girth. I put my cockring on, just the right amount of time after my extreme uli session. I had to lube myself up really well to get inside despite the fact that she was really wet. She made noises I had never heard before. She was breathing so heavy, I thought she was going to pass out. I could actually feel the heat coming off of her face. I think a big part of it was my nervousness, that can turn them on. The foreplay went really slow and soft as my prick continued to inflate like an iner tube tearing through an old cracked bike tire, swollen and fresh and new, like a giant snake shedding its skin and hungry. I reached down and felt this giant hard throbbing thing between my legs. Then I thought of her, OMG, she is going to get fucked by a huge slong tonight and she doesn’t even know it. Tomorrow, she will have been fucked by a guy with a really thick dick. It was a special moment for us both. It’s just not the same now.

What kind of sport is this, these rapid girth dick increases?

An extreme sport for sure.

And a very dangerous one indeed.


Penismith that was a great story. I’m sitting here with a chubby now! You’ll be fine though. I’m glad I could give some kind of insight / info. Happy Gaining dude!


The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe

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