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convo with woman about Penis Size


Not too far off… Nahhh - just some sex positions we’re in no physical condition to perform, due to lack of flexibility and extra weight…

Old age is a bitch… Enjoy yer youth while yer able…

OR, as the real estate guys say, “get a lot while ya can”…


What Do Women Really Want Sexualy?

If you ask a woman what about a man turns you on the most!
You wont get the answer” A BIG DICK”
The reason? Because “A BIG DICK” is not all there is to great or even good sex.
Women can pick up a dildo & have “A BIG DICK” anytime we want.
But the real thing is better because theres participation & arousal & intimacy & some times just wild & hot sex
With the dildo theres “A BIG DICK”
But its not much fun unless its put to good use.

Size does matter but mostly size matters to men.
But if you are improving your mind. body & soul.
And that makes you feel confident & your attitude & well being. are enhanced!
Then thats why you should PE. For Your Self!
Self improvement is very admirable & attractive quality to me.
It shows you care not just about yourself but also the world around & how you interact with it!


It’s true, we guys do focus on size here, because, well gee, its a Penis enlargement site - if it was a locomotive site, we’d be discussing and obsessed with who has the biggest and best locomotive I suppose…

BUT, I’m sure we can easily agree that there’s far more to a *relationship* than size, or sex itself, alone, and the focus here, on this site is related primarily to it’s reason for being here. If it was about relationships or inner self-improvement, that would be the name of the place, and what it focused most strongly upon. Not that the inclusion of those characteristics are out of place here…

As to the importance of size, as I pointed out in the PE forum, there are moves and positions available and enjoyable to bigger guys that smaller guys can only dream about - and good technique applied by a tender, caring BIG guy is undoubtedly better and more varied than the same care and technique available to, and applied by a smaller guy.

I doubt any of us would suggest abandoning technique and personal tenderness towards our ladies in favor of pure size alone - rather, I suspect any thinking guy would prefer to excel at both…


RWG is gonna weigh in on this one… Prior to starting PE I was a solid 8” x 6.5” NBP and while I tried like hell and was considered “good looking” by my friends and girls I didn’t get as much pussy as I could have used.. I also would like to say that most girls are confused as to what actual length really is… When I was messing around I would have comments made about my size all the time and most didn’t believe me when I told them I was only 8” (they thought is was bigger)…

The other important factor to remember is that a guy who knows how to use “whatever” he has and can last will be picked hands down over a guy like me who was dealing with a terrible premature ejaculation problem (I was a 5 second man after entering on the average). I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because my wife had an affair with a guy who was much smaller then me and went back several times for more of the same (this is how I found PE as PE is also short for Premature ejaculation)..

Diamond was right about what wemon are after in the total package.. I had size and lost big time! PE has helped me a great deal in lasting longer but it is a shitload of work, not only that but I must be the slowest gainer with only .5 of length after over 4 hard months of work… The advice I would share with others is to work on the following…

1. Romance

2. Communication skills

3. Forplay



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