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convo with woman about Penis Size

Of course the size matters, but I got the impression this thread was ment to take focus a bit away from that and give fellow PEers a chance to feel LESS obsessed and insecure about it. Would be nice with a thread like that without the topic turning into size is king anyway.


sounds like a bit more information than you might want from your wife ;)

Happy for your success and the result though!

“Would be nice with a thread like that without the topic turning into size is king anyway.”

For the life of me, I’ll never understand why some of us purposely come to a board like this, engage in PE for years - then deny that “size matters”!

Of COURSE size is king, at least for the physical sex act, all things being equal, or why does this board exist, and why are most of us here? Naturally we understand there are significant peripheral issues involved in relationships, and sex is only a part - but it’s a damn important and sometimes crucial part, and denial of the importance of size, especially in a PE board, seems incredible to me…

I certainly recognize that my size relative to many others, is small - that’s why I do the PE bit - but that hardly means I whine or cry, or feel crushed and my ego bruised when I’m faced with the possibility most women prefer more than what I can currently deliver - it simply urges me to continue to work for more and better.

It’s called being a mature adult, able to face reality, and DO something about it instead of playing the poor helpless victim…

And yeah, lot’s of guys really don’t wanna hear it…


I thought the point was most women don’t have any clue what 8” really is. They say they want 8” when they really mean 6” which means women really want less than they are asking for.

Keeping that in mind most women will think you are bigger than you really are, they already think most of us are big (bigger than we think we are) but we’re here to turn that tool from great to an OH MY GOD!

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I think that there are at least two valuable things touched on in this thread.

1) penis size is very subjective for women and FOR THEM their subjective impressions is as important as the objective reality,

(they think that the last guy they was with was huge and guess 9 inches - reality is maybe 7 inches). I think this is a quality in women that we can use to our advantage unless she decides to break out a ruler (unlikely).

2) With regard to the physical reality of sex, if two men were rated side by side the 8x6 guy would win over the 6x5 guy all other things being equal.

I think Mr average makes a valid point in that this is the very reason why we are all here. However we should not assume that women have the same view of all this. much is colored by emotion and subjectivism in their perceptions (thank God).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I think you have the right idea & a realistic perception of womens veiws.



believe it or not, many on this board are obsessed by PE, think about it all day and more. And no offence, but you seem at least as preoccupied as the next guy.

I ment that it would be nice to read something that didn´t promote those thoughts even more, as a change. There´s a lot of difference between that and denial. Like you say yourself, there´s a reason we´re here. Do we really need to be told that reason again and again to remeber it, or could it be nice to get another take on things every now and then?

I have only positive experiences with women, regarding my own size and I don´t have a problem with the whole size matters issue. On the other hand, it seems like you do.

Anyhow, it´s obvious and we all know that it does matter. Repeating that and only that doesn´t help anybodys selfesteem.

Who´s playing a victim? We´re all here because we chose to improve ourselfs. But by reducing whatever problems you have to penis-size - YOU, my friend, deny reality.

All things equal, bigger penis wins the race. First you have to get to at least all things equal, so improve your attitude and help others improve their and how they look at themself.

hang10, luvdadus, right you are.

OK in the spirit of Rocco’s post., let’s shift the size issue to the women for a second. Why is it the man’s responsibility to be bigger. How about the inverse. Women with loose pussies?

Remember guys we’re only half the equation, sometimes size is their fault.

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You’re absolutely right. So I guess the solution is to get to them before they have kids and ensure they never give birth naturally ;)

Actually, I think you´re on to something here hang10. It´s accepted to assume the guy is too small while in some, or maybe even many, cases - it´s the woman who´s loose. I liked the line from Sex and the city where Samantha complained about a guy being too small and he responded with “Well, maybe it´s you who are too loose!”.

There are exercises for women but many don´t bother doing them, and there´s a mutual responsibility to keep in shape.

The whole childbirth thing scraes the crap out of me, looks like something from a horrormovie, can´t stand to watch it on TV. Don´t even want to think about it IRL. I know a girl who had her baby delivered by caesaran section, she´s still the tightest girl I know. So that´s what I will vote for when the time comes, but I´m guessing a lot of women want to give birth naturally, at least the kind of women I usally like.


Women can like what they want. I hate it when we start getting into the “blame” thing…”Guys aren’t too small, they are too loose” “Women don’t know what they want” “They always want more”

If a woman doesn’t like what I have, than we probably shouldn’t be together. There are 6 billion people on this planet…presemudely enough for pretty much everyone to find what they like.


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“Remember guys we’re only half the equation, sometimes size is their fault.”

I vigorously disagree!

This isn’t about “fault” - it’s not my wife’s “fault” she is capable of more than I can deliver to fill her better - nor is it my fault for my own size - sure, she might exercise in some way to tighten, and I can do the PE bit - but this isn’t about “fault” or playing the helpless victim of circumstances outside our control and attempting to “blame” someone else. Like any form of physical improvement, dedication and hard work and time are required - I can, and have, improved my own measurements, and she might be able to do some for herself in tightness, to a degree - but what exercises can she do for depth?

I use myself and my wife as example only as an illustration - it may also apply to some others, undoubtedly not all - and face it guys, we’re all here for basically the SAME reason, to get info on getting bigger, because we KNOW that’s what we personally want or need for a variety of INDIVIDUAL, personal reasons.

We obviously will disagree on various issues of perspective and viewpoint - but let’s knock off the senseless personal attack bullshit everytime someone expresses a view we disagree with - just because we may disagree, doesn’t mean we’re enemies, or that we must immediately abandon logic and reason, and start indulging in psyco-analyzing our imagined “opponent”, and resorting to personal abuse… Stick to the SUBJECT!

I have tried to illustrate my past views by use of allegories and descriptive examples - and then been blasted by childish responses that deliberately avoided the clear point of my example, and focused on some minor and trivial side issue - what the hell is the point in that? - why divert attention from the central point, and indulge in personal issues - like the reference above that “my problem” is related to my discomfort about my size, and complaints that *I* overstate the obvious - well hell, NATURALLY I am uncomfortable with my size, or I wouldn’t BE here in the first place - so why is THAT “overstatement of the obvious” deemed acceptable, while mine are criticized?

Notice my original comment focused on an ISSUE, no personality references or durogatory personal comments about the author - and should be either responded to in the same manner, or ignored.

I may disagree with some of you, my writing style may bother some of you, but instead of focussing so determinedly on meaningless peripheral issues, why not try to read and comprehend my main points, and restrict comments to my obvious points, rather than indulging in personal attacks on stuff that is clearly not central to the intended point?

I’m NOT trying to be anyone’s enemy or oponent here.
Most of us are here for the same reason.
Many readers are here for the first time, and these issues AREN’T obvious to THEM.
We aren’t enemies simply because we disagree.
We’ll get further if we stick to issues rather than personalities.
Bigger IS better
We can’t get bigger by wishing, or a quick and easy pill - it takes dedication.
We’re not victims, we CAN make personal improvements if we work at it.
What might be obvious to regulars here, may NOT be obvious to visitors.
Go in peace, enjoy the gains that work and dedication will most certainly deliver.
We’re all in this together, let’s work harder to understand than to destroy.



I’m not getting into the blame game here, just pointing out there are two sides to the size issue. A woman who “needs” a bigger dick may be that way because of her own shortcomings or choices, not yours. So while you are on your PE journey trying to reach your size goal, if you run across a woman who isn’t fufilled consider the source.

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I guess when you use words like “shortcomings” it seems like it’s an attempt to blame, and that rarely gets anywhere positive (in relationships, business, or life). Rather focus on what you should do to improve. You can involve your partner in it if you want, but it needs to be from a constructive positive viewpoint, not

“My dick’s not small, you’re just loose”

Anyway, I just have a pet peeve with that—several times over the lives of the various forums, threads pop up that are basically a bunch of guys complaining about women, whether they like big dicks, are being dishonest, it’s their fault, etc… I just that’s retarded. My own opinion—no big deal.


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Just like I hate women that tell other guys their dicks are too small I think it would be just as bad if we told a woman her pussy was to loose. It’s not something I would ever ever say but doesn’t change the facts.

I’m sorry but if a woman’s idea of exercise is eating a bag of potato chips while sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer, that is a shortcoming. Just like a guy who smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day and then wonders why his dick doesn’t work.

"Swedish-Made Penis-Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing is My Bag, Baby."... Austin "Danger" Powers hang10


I’ve actually said this to a women once, in a kind of one off sense like you feel a bit loose tonite. I didn’t mean anything by it but it stuck in her head. I will never say that again to anyone again and regret having said it to this person.


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