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convo with woman about Penis Size


convo with woman about Penis Size

This was interesting…watch her reaction when she realizes how large nine inches is!!!!!

liveoncopa (05:04:09 PM): i got you message on BP, so i would be in there if i had that nine inches huh
liveoncopa (05:04:14 PM): lol
(05:02:30 PM): thats how big it has to be before erection
liveoncopa (05:05:47 PM): oh HELL NAW…LOL
liveoncopa (05:06:25 PM): i could make it possible though
(05:03:30 PM): ok do it
liveoncopa (05:06:30 PM): if you could handle that much
(05:03:31 PM): please
(05:03:32 PM): for me
(05:03:35 PM): right now
(05:03:37 PM): i wanna see
(05:03:41 PM):
liveoncopa (05:06:50 PM): wouldn’t that be TOO BIG…that’s alot of penis
liveoncopa (05:07:10 PM): you should grab a ruler and really see how long that really is
liveoncopa (05:07:23 PM): but i’ll do it
liveoncopa (05:07:34 PM): lol
(05:05:14 PM): i wanna make up for lose time
(05:05:14 PM): LOL
liveoncopa (05:08:55 PM): ok…nine inches it is…it may take several months though…but it will be ready when you’re ready to use it
liveoncopa (05:08:57 PM): lol
(05:06:57 PM): how r u doing that
(05:06:58 PM): ?
(05:06:59 PM): huh
liveoncopa (05:10:18 PM): doing what…giving you what you want
(05:07:33 PM): no
(05:07:40 PM): making the size bigger
liveoncopa (05:11:50 PM): do you want nine inches…i’m serious…i’ll give it to you, but you better not complain when you get it…that’s alot of D…we won’t have to use it all though…at least it will be there if we need it…we could be a little more creative with positions!
(05:09:37 PM): you are crazt
(05:09:47 PM): i thought I was a freamk
(05:09:49 PM): freak
(05:09:53 PM): your a performer
(05:09:54 PM): LOL
liveoncopa (05:12:56 PM): LOL
(05:10:13 PM): im trying to find a ruler
liveoncopa (05:13:31 PM): Nine inches is HUGE…
(05:10:33 PM): well if it gets too big, Ill just request that you dont put the whole thang in m
(05:10:34 PM): me
(05:10:37 PM): take ya time
liveoncopa (05:13:37 PM): ok
(05:10:44 PM): LOL
(05:10:50 PM): hold let me find a ruler
liveoncopa (05:13:52 PM): let me know when you find a ruler
liveoncopa (05:13:59 PM): then tell me how much you want
(05:11:01 PM): before I say something I cant handle in my mouth
(05:11:09 PM): I meant in my sweet area
(05:11:10 PM): LOL
liveoncopa (05:14:12 PM): lol
(05:13:03 PM): im looking hold on
liveoncopa (05:16:10 PM): ok
(05:21:01 PM): im back
(05:21:06 PM): got a ruler
liveoncopa (05:21:22 PM): ok
(05:18:29 PM): 9………………………………..IS WOW TOO BIG
liveoncopa (05:21:44 PM): lol
liveoncopa (05:21:49 PM): how much do you want
(05:18:55 PM): 3
liveoncopa (05:21:58 PM): LOL
(05:18:59 PM): inches is fine
(05:19:16 PM): 71/2 8
liveoncopa (05:22:33 PM): ok
liveoncopa (05:23:12 PM): just need a 3/8 of an inch and I’ll have that 8 inches for you
liveoncopa (05:23:26 PM): how much girth do you want
liveoncopa (05:23:31 PM): how many inches around
(05:20:39 PM): can i call u
liveoncopa (05:24:19 PM): chat with me for five more minutes while I send some files over email and then call ok
liveoncopa (05:25:05 PM): u there
(05:22:12 PM): whatever
(05:22:13 PM): fine
liveoncopa (05:26:12 PM): i know you don’t have an attitude
liveoncopa (05:26:25 PM): i just can’t type and hold the phone at the same time
liveoncopa (05:26:30 PM): and send documents
liveoncopa (05:26:42 PM): it will only be a second MISS IMPATIENT
liveoncopa (05:26:51 PM): you didn’t answer my question though
(05:24:05 PM): ok as far as thickness: about 5 wide
liveoncopa (05:27:20 PM): 5 inches around
(05:24:23 PM): yes
(05:24:29 PM): why is that too big
liveoncopa (05:27:32 PM): no
liveoncopa (05:27:40 PM): i was just making sure
liveoncopa (05:27:53 PM): so you want 8 x 5
liveoncopa (05:28:26 PM): going once
liveoncopa (05:28:43 PM): going twice
(05:26:04 PM): I think that sounds about right
liveoncopa (05:29:23 PM): sold to the highest bidder at 8x5

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

nice post :) I noticed you failed to mention how you were going to increase the size ;)

BP = Big Penis ?

What´s the deal here, girls lurk there in search for sexpartners or was that some friend from IRL? I´m curious :-P The whole phonecall thing made it sound pretty serious and not just kiddin around.

Either way, it was very funny when she (finally) found that ruler :)

BP is… yeah, the ruler thing was pretty funny. I knew she would react like that when she saw how large nine inches really is. It just confirms what we has been mentioned here, that women really have no clue about penis size in regards to specific measurements.

this wasn’t our first conversation or anything…we talk on the phone everyday. I just thought you guys would enjoy the discussion in regards to penis size.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Ah, not sure about blackplanet but sounds like some meetingplace for blacks (or whatever the political correct term is, don´t mean to offend anyone here) that I heard mentioned sometime before. That makes a lot more sense than my guess :-P

Didn´t mean to snoop (well, a bit maybe), just had to compare with my own experiences with women online and thought things progressed a bit quick for a first chat. Good luck there mate!

I´m sure many enjoyed that post, especially her answer!

Maybe I can throw something in myself here, a couple of weeks ago I had an encounter with a girl who went totally crazy over how I found her g-spot, that apparently no other guy had found. I used my fingers 90% of the time and she honestly felt that was the best sex she ever had. Moral of the story is NOT that I´m such a guy, but rather that I could have had a 1” (or 3, as we learned is the perfect size ;) ) dick and she still would have had the same experience.

Well since Goingdeep did it…. I’ll throw in a conversation with a girl I’m seeing…. (she thinks I’m 8” btw) I let girls think what they want about my size LOL. Forgive the slang. When its late at night, I just throw words together.

me—(04:11:40 AM): oh man. they got ads for pills to make a guys penis bigger
HER: (04:14:43 AM): yeah you didnt know that?
me—(04:14:44 AM): first time i’ve seen it
me—(04:14:44 AM): haha
me—(04:14:59 AM): does it work?
HER: (04:18:47 AM): i dont know
HER: (04:18:53 AM): ive never tried it
me—(04:18:50 AM): i just ordered some
HER: (04:20:01 AM): what WHY?!?!?!?!
HER: (04:20:10 AM): you dont need it any bigger
me—(04:20:25 AM): haha im KIDDING.. u think im nutz?
me—(04:20:37 AM): it probably doesnt work anyways
HER: (04:21:14 AM): lol
HER: (04:21:29 AM): that wasnt funny if you came at me with anything bigger id scream and run away
me—(04:21:36 AM): really? lol
me—(04:22:06 AM): not even just a lil bit bigger?
HER: (04:22:24 AM): no
me—(04:22:22 AM): how come?
HER: (04:22:45 AM): its just right :)
me—(04:22:57 AM): so i guess im borderline too big?
HER: (04:25:28 AM): yes dont get any bigger
me—(04:26:13 AM): well im 21 now. i dont think its gonna grow any bigger ;)
HER: (04:29:42 AM): lol i hope not
me—(04:29:54 AM): so u wouldnt have sex w/ me if it got bigger?
HER: (04:30:53 AM): nope
me—(04:31:01 AM): r u serious?
HER: (04:33:15 AM): no lol
me—(04:34:11 AM): u wouldnt complain if it got bigger?
HER: (04:34:33 AM): no
me—(04:34:48 AM): now the truth comes out huh
HER: (04:35:15 AM): but you really dont need to get bigger
me—(04:35:18 AM): i agree ;)

I love playing dumb :D

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


Very funny, she says don’t get bigger but she wouldn’t complain if you did. I guess it’s a hard subject for women to me honest about the smart ones know how fragile guys ego’s are on this subject.


That was pretty good YGuy!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

One thing I get so frustrated about is all those guys on the Internet. How come every guy on the chat got big dicks?

lol I sometimes chat at a swedish chat, and all the time, the guys have big dicks ;-)

On the Internet guys dicks grow some heavy bit ey? :)


It´s just like all girls are beautiful too, and they´re not fat, they´re full figured.

I guess we try to enhance ourself the easy way when we don´t have to prove anything. I try to stay on the more modest side myself, that way I don´t become a disappointment IRL, like most guys. Dick-size doesn´t even come into play if you´re a disappointment, so in a way I guess that if you´re going to lie - you might as well lie about that too ;)

True Rocco!

Maybe that’s it, all these guys that claim to be 8 inches are only 6 so the women have a distoted view of what a real 8 inches look like. :)

"Swedish-Made Penis-Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing is My Bag, Baby."... Austin "Danger" Powers hang10


That’s why I made the post…to demonstrate how sizes are exaggerated by women. When she saw how large nine inches really was, she was like “No way, that is way too big”. It puts the size issue into perspective. Like you said, most women don’t know the actual size as they just go by what guys tell them. I would tend to believe that anything over 7 inches would be considered BIG by most women… unless they’ve had that one in a million 8inch plus dick.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"


i’ve begun to hear the same from my wife. when we first met she said that i was the perfect size, fit like a glove, wouldn’t want anything bigger, buzza buzza dubba dubba. after i started pe she said it was unnecessary, i’m fine the way i am, blah blah, blah. after i put on an inch sex began to change, she fell asleep with my cock in her hand, began moaning, etc. now that i’ve nearly reached the magic eight she’s gone ape shit. i had to take a week long break from pe to study for an exam and she got nervous. “you’re not going to quit are you?” “don’t give up until you reach your goal.” what’s more, now she tells me that she has always gone out with tall thin men because according to her experience that’s where the meat is. she even tells me now which men she thinks are probably tiny and which must be hung. size does matter, and the closer you get to being large + the more women begin to admit the dirty little secret and their true thoughts concerning it. trust nothing that can bleed seven days straight without dying.


“trust nothing that can bleed seven days straight without dying.”

LOL I like that comment! :-)

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