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convo with woman about Penis Size

I don´t think anyone ment to put “blame” somewhere. Just shifting the perspective a bit, that there´s more than one person (hopefully) involved and thus more than one persons responsibility to make the most of him- or herself.


ouch! Imagine some girl telling you “You feel kind of small tonight”, that would probably stick in your head too. I´ve said my share of stupid things as well though, often without thinking about how they sound until afterwards.

Hmm I feel women can tell men anything, about anything, even if it hurts them. But men have to carefully think about what to say, this is an art! :-)

DW, you are so right. But then will the surgery help?

I still have a few internal conflicts about doing this PE thing but can slot it into my internal filing system under personal improvement, but I was never really unhappy about my size. I guess women using this new breast pumps (ripped off from japanese concept) that are designed to increase cup size could be in a similar position. These are mild measures though, surgery is way different and gender reassignment surgery has got to be the current final frontier.

If you are really unhappy about the body you were born into, will surgery ever help? Hollywood’s a pretty plasticated place and it seems to attract a lot of very unhappy people.

Rocco, ouch is the operative word.

Anders, in my experience both men and women are as likely to release information, perhaps unintentionaly, that hurts. I don’t think there is a gender differential on that one but hey maybe its different where you are.


I’ve been curious too many years now about this statement from a couple of girls I dated not long after high school. One young lady had been known to be willing on the first date and the other had been married several times, an did have a child that caused her first marriage. These two, when discussing having sex, said no, because I was the marrying kind. My question is, is this a reference to my penis size [5 incher]. Abingtonus


I think you’re reading too much into it. They usually say that about nice guys, when they really want the bad boys. I think they were refering to your personality, not the size of your penis.

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You have a very good point there.
Will the surgery that their having let them finally accept & love who they are?
And will they stop there with the surgeries.
Will they finally be happy with who they are?
I hope with all my heart they find peace of mind & self worth after their surgeries.

But I can tell you one thing from seeing that article.
MONEY sure must not play a role in happiness at all.
They have to be fairly wealthy in the first place.
Because those surgeries have to cost a small fortune!

I doubt very much if you seeming like the marrying kind! Whatever that does mean had anything to do with your penis.
If they refused to have sex with you then they coulnt have judged you by your penis.
Are you the marrying kind? Were they correct?
I know a lot of guys tell women they love them.
They coulnt love you on the first date.
It works on some women though to get them in bed!! lol
If you used that line on them then maybe thats your reason!

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I don’t know if I’m reading things right here but i find it amusing that some people seem to think women are mindless little sexrobots that are secretly craving big cocks. At least that’s the impression I seem to be getting from reading some of these messages.

A bigger penis might help our self esteem and make things a bit easier in bed BUT time and time again you’ve heard that sex is a mental thing. I’ll give you an example I know this girl who I hadn’t met for many months but we fell in love talking on the phone. This girl told me how I affected her, I made her wet when she thought of me, she also frequently told me that she wanted to “rape” me =p. My point is I was able to turn this girl on and she never once saw my penis.

While the act of sex occurs down there, up in the brain is where all the pleasure is going. Stimulate the mind and things will be amazing even if you have a 6 inch dong. I guarantee you’d do better and be more appreciated than the 8 incher down the street who just drives it home like a jackhammer. Women are not mindless robots, and the first step to pleasing them is to realize this. My 2 cents on what women really want.


Well said!

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goingdeep you are 100% correct with that statement!!


Ok, here’s a question ( not designed to insult anyone ! ):

Who’s better off, the guy with the 6incher who fails to please the woman or the 8incher who also fails to please the woman?

Some might say that they are both in the same boat - but think about this - the woman won’t put the bad performance down to penis size if he has an 8inch dick. There’s more pressure for the 6incher’s - if they fail in bed they are labelled ” crap at sex - small dick” as opposed to “crap at sex - big dick - painful” which is more acceptable for us men and furthermore not even something to be ashamed of amongst our peers - ”She couldn’t handle me”


I think that you make a good point. I guess that it is the main reason we are here.most of us started out as average. I will say this I had noticed that for a little while that having a bigger dick ended up making me tend to be lazier as far as creativity in bed. I felt less pressure since I didn’t seem to have to work as hard to get her to cum. It is good for those of us to keep in mind that the tricks we used to do when we were 6” would make things all the better now that we are 7.5” or bigger. Being able to get wifey off good without the effort was good for the ego but when I realized what was going on I realized that it could get boring so I am now making special efforts to spice it up. btw this doesn’t mean only technique, it means atmospehre, relating, and variety, and a little generosity. That last one may puzzle you a bit let me give you a little example. One time the wife seemed to be determined to make me cum by doing a hand job on me while I fingered her, I was growing a little tired of this and apparently she picked up that I was getting impatient to move on to screwing. Well this I found out upset her a little, this was a little effort of her own to inject a little variety. I should have kknown this, she used to seem to love to watch me shoot on her tummy or tits. But I was too wrapped up into moving on to fucking which I was really into to the exclusion of other things to realize that this was something she wanted to do - it turned her on. We did have good intercouse but I realize that I fucked up it could have been better had I been a little more patient and genreous,

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


When being generous means shooting on her tits and tummy, then being generous can be quite rewarding ;)

But yes, it´s easy to become comfortable and lazy and a good thing to be reminded that you have.


another question could be, who´s better off, the 6” who´s happy about his size or the 8” who´s not? The most important thing is how you feel about yourself.

I´m always trying to improve myself and I´m never satisfied, although I love myself, but sometimes I envy those who seem to be completly happy and satisfied with who they are right now and don´t even seem to reflect over improving. I wouldn´t want to be that guy, but it looks much easier. The whole “ignoranze is bliz” thing.

Memento sez:

“I’ve actually said this to a women once, in a kind of one off sense like you feel a bit loose tonite. I didn’t mean anything by it but it stuck in her head. I will never say that again to anyone again and regret having said it to this person.”

Which I believe, is why most females will rarely make negative comments to their lovers about size, or deliberately express disatisfaction over size or performance - females tend to be more sensitive as to the feelings of others - and unless there is a serious or long-standing issue of importance, why needlessly offend or rock the boat? A woman is smart enough to realize (outside of PE) that “what you see is what ya got” = both for the guy AND the gal - so why make an issue of something that is normally unchangeable?

Assuming that to be true, it’s pretty easy for the guy to assume all is well in the bedroom, when Actually there is considerable room for improvement. Sometimes, within extremely sensitive and tentative limits, it’s a shame that couples don’t more openly discuss some of their inner feelings and preferences - in my own case, I’ve only recently discussed some of these with my own wife, and discovered minor - but important - preferences and fantasies she’s had for years - some of which now seem too late to act on - wish I had known of them 40 years ago…


mrAverage what are these fantasies of hers that you are too old for now? Jumping out of an airplane and having sex while free-falling? :)

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