Condom Sizes(my survey)

Just posted at PE Forum in the “girth survey” thread. Reposting here for additional discussion. :)

My condom size survey results.

1. Durex Ultimate Feeling - Standard Size
2. Trojan Magnum - Large Size
3. Trojan Magnum XL - XL Size

Completely unrolled length from tip of reservoir to ring. Held by tip with only gravity pulling it down along ruler.
1. - 7.75”
2. - 8”
3. - 8”

Girth, measured with tape measure while inflated enough to hold it’s form without expanding noticably.
1. - 4.5”
2. - 5.25”
3. - 5.5”

That’s it for the survey.

Preliminary analysis: Anyone nearing 6” girth should definitely try the XLs. I’ve tried the Magnums when I was at 5.5” girth and they were a very good fit. I’m going to try the XL and measure my girth a little later tonight(hopefully).