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Condom Sizes (my survey)

Condom Sizes (my survey)

Just posted at PE Forum in the “girth survey” thread. Reposting here for additional discussion. :)

My condom size survey results.

1. Durex Ultimate Feeling - Standard Size
2. Trojan Magnum - Large Size
3. Trojan Magnum XL - XL Size

Completely unrolled length from tip of reservoir to ring. Held by tip with only gravity pulling it down along ruler.
1. - 7.75”
2. - 8”
3. - 8”

Girth, measured with tape measure while inflated enough to hold it’s form without expanding noticably.
1. - 4.5”
2. - 5.25”
3. - 5.5”

That’s it for the survey.

Preliminary analysis: Anyone nearing 6” girth should definitely try the XLs. I’ve tried the Magnums when I was at 5.5” girth and they were a very good fit. I’m going to try the XL and measure my girth a little later tonight(hopefully).

Thanks, especially for the whole blowing them up & measuring thing. The width(as given by the manufacturers) is pointless when trying to figure out what to buy. I am using the XL’s now, purely for girth.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I tried an XL last night, and measured my girth just before putting it on at 5.75”.

It seemed loose compared to other size condoms, but didn’t slide around or anything like that. My wife didn’t even realize that I was wearing a condom. I guess it’s a good fit for me. I’ll try the Magnum next time for comparison.

Hah, this is good to know thanks for taking the time to test. When I go into the drug store to buy condoms for my first time I’ll probably be somewhat embarassed, but at least now I know I can head right for the magnums and be proud that they’re really the right fit.

If you are at some between-stage in size, try Trojan Large. It has pretty good width and gives better sensation, imo, than either of the Magnums - that might be because of the lubricant. If you’ve outgrown the T-Large, put a bit of your own preferred lube on your glans first when using either of the others for greater sensation.



I didn’t notice the Trojan Large anywhere while shopping. If anyone has one, please measure it. Feel free to add any other condoms you can measure.

I’m not going to be buying anymore condoms since I’m going to be “fixed” in January.

I haven’t noticed which condom feels the best, only that it’s entirely different than going bareback. But, last night I experienced what was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had while using a condom.

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