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Coke Can Stretch


Yes I get this occasionally when I go way over 5 minutes by mistake. If it happens it cleared up in 2 days rather than overnight. For me it happens less using the feet as the gripping mechanism.

Its all about the amount of pressure you’re putting into you grip. Its really easy to loose concentration and grip harder. I find that it doesn’t happen if I just concentrate the pressure of the grip on the sides and minimise the pressure as much as possible without risking a loss of grip.

You could also try an alternate wrap, maybe thera or swimcap to see if that works better with a lesser grip. An alternate grip might help too, say overhand with two fingers or even a two handed jelqsticklike grip (fore and index fingers gripping the penis, second hand grips fingers below).

It is an indicator that circulation is being reduced more than is desirable and with a 5 minute stretch thats a problem. If you continue to get this, you may want to consider stretching for less time before regaining circulation. maybe 2-3 minutes.

Coke can?

Hey guys,
I think the coke can method is a great idea but I have an opinion on what to use here. If any of you are into construction, do you have a chalk bottle for chalk lines? It deforms slightly if needed because it is a plastic bottle, doesn’t kink, and if it’s half full of chalk and the rest is air just put the cap on. Walla, forms to the penis as needed.

Let me know whatcha think!

What about using a can with less girth like a ‘Red Bull’ can?

Just a thought :)


Loved going to Cuba! :)

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Re: Coke can?

> chalk bottle for chalk lines?

Don’t you risk having a bright blue leg and penis if it breaks?

Think a red bull can is a good idea if you can’t get a good grip with a larger diameter object. It will change the angle of the stretch.

Ahh right, ahh right,

No one said there had to be chalk in it. It could be washed out, put the cap back and just have air in it. Yeesh, LOL!

memento, sure like your coke can stretch. i use a Bib Jr hanger attached very close to glans with hook modiied to engage a hole in a 2’ length of 2” PVC pipe. laying down, with pipe over legs just twist the pipe with a hand on each end. can put as much pull/flattening on penis as desired. i, too, think it works both girth and length.

Sounds good I’m going to try it!

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Can’t this be Inverted V A-Stretch? It seems the same except that you do it with a can.


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