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Can stretching/hanging make curvature worse?

Can stretching/hanging make curvature worse?

Can stretching or hanging make a curvature worse? I have a slight curve to the left and have heard that stretching/hanging and even jelqing can make a curvature worse by increasing the amount of scar tissue in the area that is causing the curvature in the first place. Any thoughts?

Its possible, yes because you are increase size with it you can increase bends. However I’ve read many threads stating that PE has helped with bends. I also have a very slight bend to the left, which got more noticable as my eerections got harder but I think jelqing/stretching is helping.

Here’s a recent thread covering the issue:

Fishing Expedition, (bent penis)


Im glad you asked this question I was just about to post a question just like this today. As a matter of fact.

I’m a hanger and I’m starting to see gains. But, I figure I better address this now before it gets out of control. I also have a slight bend to the left and down.


Aybe we should add this on the thread to keep it all in the same place?

Where does one start in correcting this?

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