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Fishing Expedition, (bent penis)


Fishing Expedition, (bent penis)

Hi all,

I”m addressing this to anyone and everyone who has had ,or is now, dealing with a “bent penis”. (Peyronies or otherwise.)

After a bit of research, I believe that there are many, many more of us lurking ,than there are posting.

I implore all of you, to remember, that you and I are very much just screen names here, and to take advantage of this forum to express your fears and desires. _ _ Please Post!

I myself am just coming to grips with this situation, I have just recently been plagued with the onset of “Peyronies.” I am desperately seeking any and all information that could help to alleviate this condition.

I have recently received encouragement from ” Iowa,” who has been relatively successful with his endeavor to defeat peyronies.

What have you been doing that has worked ? — what have you done, that has seen no progress?

Get the idea? Alone we may win a battle, Together we can win the war.

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.

Hey sidewinder,

Great idea. I had a slight curvature before I started any kind of PE. Pumping corrected it , but it was only a slight bend. I don’t know if pumping would be effective on a more serious bend or not.
It has not returned to date.

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Hey sidewinder, you can lick this thing. I did and am very happy with the gains as well via PE. My sex life has returned 200 percent better and while the time getting over the peyronies was tough, you can do it. Be glad to walk you through anything you are doing and tell you what I can. My experience is that most doctors know little and really don’t want to deal with it.

The key is to get the penis back into top notch shape. Jelqing, kegels, anything to make it work. It will be painful but rewarding. Be glad to email you if you contact me via private message. Begin early to work that plaque out so it does not settle in as a hard knot. Iowa

For what it’s worth, I talk regularly with two pumpers who have penile bends: One whose entire shaft shifts somewhat to one side, the other has a rather severe bend (plaque related) beginning at his circumcision scar such that the head bends at an odd angle. They both report slow but sure improvement through pumping regularly at modererate pressures. One has found that having a slightly smaller cylinder than he would ordinarily need for his girth seems to help.

You are correct. Doctors know little about this and usually don’t want to say much. If the angle of the bend interferes with intercourse or is painful during it, the patient usually gets a little more attention or gets referred to a doctor who may have more experience.

There is a process developed in Germany, where curiously Peyronie’s occurs with more frequency than in other countries, called “iontophoresis.” I used to have a link to info about this but the site has disappeared. Results, I remember, were very encouraging. Perhaps you can investigate this with some searches or by asking informed doctors.

If Baltimore is accessible to you, check out the Brady Urology unit at Johns Hopkins University. They are doing excellent urologic research and may have more clues about this than most.



Hi there

I have a bend that points down about an inch behind midshaft is where the center of the bend is and when I get back to PE I am going to try jelqing in the opposite direction of the bend which has supposedly worked for a handful of guys.

I have had a slight bend all my life. I have found that regular jelqing had no effect (probably since I alternate between hands, I tried staying to one side, but I didn’t seem to make any gains) but stick jelqing is slowly straightening it out a little. Probably because I do stay to one side and work it much more than the other. When I work it with sticks with the bend, the bend becomes more noticeable, when I work it against the bend, it seems to be slightly straighter. Also, I have found that consistent hanging, with very heavy weights, seems to straighten it too. But be careful with heavy weights! I don’t seem to have a problem with heavier weights, but most men would risk serious injury. So go slow.



Thank you for your reply

Could you please explain more fully, how you use the “jelq sticks” to work one side more than the other.
Are you rotating your wrists as you approach or pass the affected area ?
Or with a slight bend, is it more of a gradual movement ?

This just might be the type of exercise I’m looking for !

It seems that other than my obvious sharp bend, to the left side of the head, that same side is not engorging equally with the right side.

At the present time, I have not attempted hanging.

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.


Thanks again for offering to help with this problem. As of yet, I’m not sure what questions I should be asking.

I am currently following some information that you posted in the “leaning head” thread that was started by T-Bone.

Although I’m not hanging or pumping, I am aggressively using jelqing, Ulis, and Johans’ “A.I.S. stretches. I’ve also recently started to toy with partial, Bruiser 180s, to create pressure in my deflated “balloon.”

I have one week until I evaluate. I’ll then do my measurements and compare the bend to the silhouette that I traced when I starting recording. I only do this seriously once a month.

I realize that this going to take a long time to correct, so I don’t want to be too anxious.

On a very positive note: If the bend would disappear tomorrow, I would still continue PE. The side effect of this program has been very good growth. : )

Question: How much credit do you assign to the pumping and hanging methods, as opposed to aggressive jelqing and stretching?

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.

Manual stretching is really important for curves. My dick has always been straight, but lately there is a curve around midshaft that curves to the left, nothing major but definitely noticable. I attribute that to stretching the right lig harder then the left one when I stretch to the side, so I’m trying to concentrate more on the left one. I’m sure the opposite is true, if you start out curved, you can straighten by favoring one ligament over the other.


Thanks for the reply

Are you right handed?

Do you think that this curve resulted from one hand (arm) being more dominant or stronger in the jelqing or stretching movement?

When you stretch to the side, are you pulling straight on the ligaments, or are you bending them a bit, more or less like a V stretch?

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.

OK, this may be hard to explain on paper. First, when using the jelq sticks, I ALWAYS place them on the sides of the shaft, NEVER top and bottom, or you risk serious nerve damage (likewise, I use a flattened PVC hanger, always side to side, and never hang near the head for the same reason. Why I like the pvc hanger is that it doesn’t encircle the shaft and therefore you always retain some blood flow top and bottom. I attach mid-shaft for lighter weights, and for anything over 15 pounds always at the base, this has reduced injuries 100%. I used to use a home-made hanger that encircled the shaft and cut off blood flow like a tourniquet, it caused thrombosed veins and blistered skin, and other problems, especially when attached anywhere near the head). When stick jelqing, sticks along the sides of the shaft, top pointing toward my stomach, bottom pointing toward my balls, I hold the tops with my left hand, the bottoms with my right hand. The way my arms sit, the natural unevenness of arm strength, or whatever, seems to pull the strokes/pressure more to the right. When I reverse hand position, the opposite happens, and the strokes/pressure seems to pull more to the left. My bend is toward the left, so by staying with the left hand on top position, I slightly bend my penis toward the right with each stroke, and I am therefore, gradually, straightening it. At least it seems that way. I do know when I reverse it it seems to exaggerate the bend even more, and very quickly. But don’t be over-eager and apply too much pressure or force the bend, let your natural stroke bend it, otherwise you WILL hurt yourself. I did. I wound up with blood from my pee-hole, and a small BB sized knot inside the shaft. It healed, but it took a while. I think it was a small internal tear that “scabbed over”. It finally went away.

Hey daomun

is it possible to correct a downward bend with jelq sticks??? And are they more intense then jelqing by hand or are they about the same or variable?

Jelq sticks are way more intense then jelqing by hand. You have to be very careful not to apply too much pressure or you’ll damage yourself. But once you get the feel for them, they’re great. They’ve pretty much replaced normal hand-jelqing for me, which I used to do a lot. Too much, I think. Anyway, sticks seem to give me better gains. I think I pretty much reached a permanent plateau with hand jelqing. Plus, they don’t have the negative effects heavy hand-jelqing had for me. Which was a fatigued penis, which I think was responsible for ED episodes. Maybe. Why they would be different I don’t know. See Tom Hubbard’s link at the top of this site for instructions on how to make and use them. I suppose if you used them top to bottom, rather than side to side, you could straighten out a downward bend. Just play around with hand positions, to get the pressure right. I’d be VERY, VERY careful though, there is a main nerve running along the top of your penis, and a bundle of nerves right behind your head, also on the top (if I remember my penis anatomy, somebody correct me if I’m wrong), so I personally stay far away from both. I don’t hang or jelq too close to the head, and don’t put pressure along the top if I can help it. I think you run a very high risk using the sticks top to bottom, I wouldn’t.

my suggestion

Since this is a devastating problem, and one that can develop for any of us, I would suggest we open up a forum that deals exclusively with Peyronie’s. This could really circulate information and make it easily accessible. Which could in turn lead to some groundbreaking methods of dealing with it.

I recognize that we can’t have too many forums running around here, but this just strikes me as an area that will always be valid.

My 2 kopeks.

Well, Thanks to the help I’ve received from this forum, my 3 month evaluation time has come, and I can report that I have achieved a small improvement in my “bend.”
It’s heading in the right direction! and that makes me very happy.

My method of recording, was to trace an outline of my curvature on a piece of paper when I began PE, and compare subsequent time periods with this original.

One problem with this method, is the need to adjust the pattern to view only one side at a time, now that I’ve also improved the size. : ) - - “This also makes me very happy !”

So far this is all from “hand work.” Jelq, stretch & squeeze.

I have not as yet incorporated the “jelqing sticks,” but I will.

Thanks again

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.

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