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Is curvature to the right statistically rare?

Is curvature to the right statistically rare?

Hey guys, I’m new but very impressed with this board. The question I’ve always wanted to ask is how many men have right-side penile curvature. I’m curved to the right but have seen very few other men with this configuration, though admittedly my only basis for comparison is porn. Sideways penile curvature seems almost always to tend toward the left. Then I found a site which confirmed my suspicions. It appears to be on the level but you be the judge:
(Click the Q&A heading at the top and scroll down midway for the pertinent info)

It claims 13.6% leftward curvature and only 1.2% rightward curvature. Amazing!

So how many of you curve right and how many left? And does anyone know why leftward curvature may be more common?

FYI—I am a right-handed and 100% hetero if you want to factor that in.

Welcome pinkincide!

We actually did (doing, you can still vote!) our own poll here about curvature - you might like to check it out ….. the small sample taken seems to confirm those results.


Being left or right handed doesn’t seem to factor much and, I could be going out on a limb here, sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with it either. So, rest easy, nobody can tell if you’re gay by the shape of your penis! :chuckle:

BTW, ….pinkincide….. that’s a very happy and cheerful sounding name! ;) Any significance?

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