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Bumpy Head

Bumpy Head

Ok, recently I noticed that the first 5 five of jelqing my dick head is covered in bumps and then is smooths out. It kind of has the texture of a lemon. At first I was not sure if this had been happening all long and that I just noticed it. However, I’ve noticed a few people claiming the same condition. I’ve heard that this is a indicator of gains in the head, but I’m not sure if I believe that. I first starting noticing them not too long after I started doing Horse440 squeezes. This seem strange because I don’t think that works the head much. So basically I was wondering if a lot of people have this condition and what your thoughts on the subject are.

lemon head

i’ve found the same thing happening to myself, not often, but on occasion. i wouldn’t consider it a “condition” unless its accompanied by pain. well, that’s one reply.

john thursday

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