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BTB Jelqing


Tonight's first attempt

I found this thread a couple days ago and tonight attempted to work this into my routine and feel like I got some pretty good results during my workout.

I’ve only been doing PE for a couple weeks now so I’m still doing basic techniques pretty much based on the newbie routine. However, tonight in between my sets of jelqing I included some btb jelqs - first by themselves and then in tandem with kegels.

Technique wise I basically stayed around a 70-80% erection level and using three fingers held together pushed up into where I felt the very base of internal penile tissue (almost all the way back near the anus) and pulled towards the balls and to the base of the shaft, retaining pressure to pull the blood into the shaft.

I also tried doing the same basic movement, but applying the pressure from the front side of the scrotum - basically pushing up through the scrotal skin in between the balls and pulling back towards the shaft. I was able to pull further into the shaft this way, but wasn’t able to start the pressure as far back as the previous technique. Also I’m not sure if there is any concern regarding placing pressure on any of the internal structures of the scrotum (like the vas deferens or ductus deferens).

Both seemed to give a good, albeit different feeling pump - not so much internal shaft pressure like with normal jelqs, but definitely a good deal of engorgement. And my dick definitely looked much thicker and felt much heavier at the end of tonight’s session.

I will monitor over the next couple days for any abnormal pain/soreness in that area and see if there is any noticeable difference to flaccid appearance or erection quality.

I’ve started doing BTB jelqs in my last couple of sessions and I really like to use them while edging after jelqing.

I edge, do a couple of BTB jelqs, edge again and so on. Feels great.




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