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BTB Jelqing


BTB Jelqing

For those who do not know, BTB Jelqing is Behind the Balls Jelqing.

Not a highly discussed topic these days. I know Bib is an advocate, anyone else believe in it?

I’m thinking that I’d like to incorporate it into my routine, but I’m worried about putting pressure there. It’s probably rubbish but I seem to remember reading that that point is a sensetive point in some far eastern acupuncture like therapy.

Also when doing it, for those who do, do you just lube up and press at the base, moving towards your balls?


Hey dude. Bib told of BTB jelqing ages ago, I think it is a fantastic exercise. Think of your penis (as i’m sure you do, very often). The inner penis is before the outer penis of course. Now, if you were to manually increase the size of the blood vessels or whatever that lead to the outer penis, do you think it would increase the blood flow to the penis and also your erection strength? Yep, it would. Do you think that if you increase the size of our ligs and/or tunica it would result in gains? Yes it would, but remember that if the blood flow to the penis is not improved, the gains will never realise, as there will not be enough blood to expand the CC and CS to their new size. Eventually the lack of expansion would probably lead to loss of gains, especially if a break from PE is taken. So increased blood flow is vitally important to gains, you can do this by doing regular kegel routines, stopping smoking, getting more exercise etc as well as manually improving the situation with BTB jelqing.

This is something I tell all my mentorees, I think it should be done by all PE’ers, even 10 mins per day will give an improvement.

Good Luck


It works great for me, both as a warm-up for my regular jelqing as well as to improve the quality of my erections. It’s also useful to revive your wood, especially in the last few sets of jelqing when your dick starts to get tired.

Actually, Eastern medicine recommends massage in the BTB area for sexual health. I think RB might have posted a link to a site ( in the thread where Bib discussed BTB jelqing. It’s been a year or so since I visited that site, but you should be able to find some more information there.

I do it dry and jelq up wards. The way you described is opposite to the direction of blood flow during an erection and will not provide the ballooning effect you are after.

Is this like rubbing ,or pressing against your balls in the center of the sack.Then you press with a upward motion tawards the bottom of your penis base?


Get an 80% erection, then feel around between your balls and your ass. This is your inner penis, you jelq it by pushing it against your body and moving up towards your outer penis, you can use your fingertips, or the back of your thumb, or a karate chop like thing.



Can someone put up a picture i”m confused

This explanation paints a thousand pictures. It describes BTB jelqing as simply as you possibly can.

jelq up wards

What exactly does jelqing upward develop? Is this more or less concentrating or tunica, lenght, width?


The angle does not matter much as jelqing will increase the pressure inside the penis and expand the tunica no matter what you do. It is can increase girth and length. There is not as much longitudinal force as with stretching, but length gains do occur, probably in part from increased head size.


Thanks for the great response, I didn’t know there were that many advocates of it. I’ll continue doing it then.

BattleHymn, perhaps I described what I do wrong, but I do follow the instructions so I am jelqing forwards.

Thanks all!

I’ve been trying to do it 10-15 minutes per day ever since Bib recommended it as a way to turn BPFS into EBPL. I do it in the a.m. upon rising to take advantage of my natural plumpness :)

If you can, combine it with reverse kegeling, really opens up the blood flow…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I just tried this and you guys are right, the result is great.

As you said, RB, it’s useful for executing a fast rise from a FBP to EPB (which can be helpful when measuring).

I’ll check out the thread you posted and would appreciate any other comments about this exercise.

That spot is important in so many ways: the root chakra is said to be centered there.

Originally posted by dewey
That spot is important in so many ways: the root chakra is said to be centered there.

Yeah, I just couldn’t remember the name!

Be careful with pressure there.

ICM, why?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Originally posted by RB
ICM, why?

Excessive pressure there can cause blood to appear in your semen, which will appear as brown streaks.

Not pleasant, but quite harmless.

Cyclists get it sometimes.

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