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Benefits of Heat in PE

I believe hobby posted several good articles on the benefits of using heat to permanently stretch collagenous tissues. I know I posted one. But damned if I know where they are. You might do a search, or maybe hobby remembers where they are.

I think in those articles, the critical temp was 103, or possibly 103.5. 112 sounds pretty high.


There is some info in this thread. They say over 104 degrees. Be careful not to go too hot. You’d burn the skin before causing damage to ligs from applying heat externally. Ultrasound is a different story. BTW, a temperature of a hair over 152 degrees is used to shrink ligs.

In the cooler months I like to warm up by soaking in a 112-114 degree bath (as hot as I can tolerate) for about 15 min. I doubt my dick reaches that temperature.

Excellent stuff there hobby. Got to check it out…thanks.

Using google with a search on the words “extensibility collagen temperature” (without the quotes) produces losts of results.

Utrasound is used at different frequencies for different durations to reach various penetration depths, so if you knew what you were doing you could really target specific tissues. I don’t know of a home version of an ultrasound machine though.

I just measured this morning after heating last night and a 3 day break. I scared myself at what the mirror and ruler told me, as it can’t be possible so I’m going to wait another day or two for permanence before I post because you probably wouldn’t believe me. Lets just say I’m pretty excited though!

I find that as soon as I have warmed up with heat, my dick looks red and fat and very veiny, hangs better aswell.

As soon as I start light stretching, it lengthens easy ready for the main excercises, it`s the only way to go I feel.

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I think one often overlooked benefit of thoroughly heating up before PEing is muscle relaxation. Dipping your dick in warm water, using a heating pad, etc. warms your dick, but doesn’t have the same relaxing effect as heating all muscles by soaking in a bath or hot tub.

I notice I have much less “tugback” response (practically none) when stretching thoroughly warmed vs. cold. A good deep heating of the whole pubic area greatly reduces or eliminates the need for JAI stretches or reverse kegels to get around the stretch reflex. Try it and see for yourself.

does the warmup benefit girth also?


I think it does…….

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Hallo all,

Great post, i do not know why i did not pay much attention to the hot wrap in the pass…

Would it be good to use a hot cream, like those used in sport?

Since I’m using the Penimaster and i think it would be a great help to heat the “zone” applying some hot-cream on the shaft…



What kind of hot cream do you mean? I accidentally got Flexall o my balls on time and it burned like hell. Make sure you only put it on a little spot first to test it out before spreading all over your dick.

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Hi 3000GT,

I do not know, i have no one at home but it could be worth a try…
I’m thinking about to buy a cream or gel, it’s sure better than a spray as you mentioned it could rich accidentally the scrotum :) .

I made a google search and there are a lot. Maybe is here some “expert” on sport hot gels that could give me a tip, some advice about using it at prolonged state.


RICE SOCK!!!!! Im assuming you just put uncooked rice in a sock and throw it in the microwave or something? How long should I put it in for?


Stretch your unheated penis then measure your cold FSL. Apply a heated rice sock for 5 minutes. Then stretch out your heated FSL. Mine was 3/8” longer after heating. It works. MXL


IMHO, a lot depends on the type of microwave, how much rice you’ve got in the sock and how beat up your penis is from the last session. I read some guys here heat their sock up for 1.5 minutes. I have 8 oz. of rice in mine and at best, anything over a minute is extremely uncomfortable. And if my member is still sensitive from the last session of PE or wild sex with my honey :) even a minute can be too much! I’d recommend starting at 30 or 45 seconds and bumping it up 15 or so till you find the right temp.

Word of caution, I’ve noticed that the sock can get “hot spots” in it after microwaving and even if it doesn’t feel hot under my fingers, when it wrap it around my penis, I end up letting out a yelp. So I massage mine with my fingers to check the heat and move the rice around a little before applying it. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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So it seems that heat can benefit stretching the ligs as well as the tunica.

Has anyone ever considered using or used a heat lamp? They sure did a good job of keeping our farm water well from freezing when it got down to -30!!!

The benefit I see from using a heat lamp is that it would keep constant heat applied to the area your targeting with your PE, thereby maximizing the benefits of heat.

I can’t use a heat lamp until I let a little time pass. Even though my sweetheart of a wife loves my fat wang stretching her to the max, she has a genuine great time poking fun at me. She’s currently having a great time kidding me about my rice sock. I’m afraid the heat lamp would send her over the edge. :)

The easier I am on myself, the harder life is on me.


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