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Benefits of Heat in PE


>What i’m wondering is, how are we supposed to know if we are heating our dick to above 104 degrees? If i’m only heating it to around 102 degrees then i’m basically wasting my time. How hot does it need to be for 104 degrees. I can say that with my rice sock when I wrap it around my penis and do the hanging I have to keep it on very lightly and not apply any pressure because the more pressure I apply the more heat I feel and it will burn like crazy. When the heat starts to subside thats when I apply the pressure to keep the heat consistent. I’m wondering if this is enough heat to see the gains talked about.<

Damn good question. I thought about this when I was hanging. My idea was simply to get things as hot as I could stand it comfortably. IOW, I would really heat the rice sock up, maybe 1.5 minutes. I would put it on. Within a little bit, it would be way too hot, so I would take it off or wrap it in a towel. Then I would put it back on, etc. If it is as warm as you can stand, you will surely be over 103.

Also, be sure you warm up for ten mintues or so as above before you start your first set.


How hot?

There’s a difference between dry heat & wet heat. People can temporarily withstand dry heat temperatures in the hundreds of degrees (I’ve momentarily had my hand deep in a commercial oven that was 508 F - momentarily, of course). With water, you’d be badly scalded at less than 160 F (even momentarily).

I know that when our water tank is turned up to 140, it quickly gets too hot. But at 120, I can withstand the hot water much better.

It’s a safe bet that if the rag is as hot as you can stand it (providing that you have no neuropathy or other numbing condition, of course), I’m sure that the temp would definitely be over 106 F. It would probably been in the 1-teens, actually. Hell, our body temp is 98.6 - that’s only about 6 or 7 degrees under what we’re trying to heat those tissues to.

I would say that if you really heat the rag to as hot as you can stand it, and carefully ring out the excess water, that temp will definitely hover about the 106 mark (probably over 110, actually) for a while anyway, before cooling.

This is a very useful post. USing heat is essential for getting the best gains in my opinion.

I find it interesting that the original article quoted infrared heat specifically. Heating through radiation is very different than heating by conduction. Perhaps the heat was not the factor responsible for the gains mentioned in the article?

Plus, as pinochio mentioned infrared radiation penetrates biological tissues much quicker than conductive heat.

Shiver, do you remember where you found this article?


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I don’t remember where it was, except that it was on a site that sold infra red beds for sports therapy. I had a quick look just now, but its evading my google searches.

Originally Posted by Shiver
This might sound stupid as I’ve never used a pump, but could a pump be filled with a gel rather than air? (to provide a heat mediator when a pad was wrapped around the pump).

Paraffin, but it might cause cancer.

I learn something new here everyday!

You know when you PE and your dick goes cold, that when you need to put heat on it.

Wow!! Those article posts on the home page really are useful. I found this digging through Stevie’s Favorites, I hope Stevie doesn’t mind. I’m going to dig out my IR lamp from my PE junk pile and hook it up. :)

Shiver makes the most convincing reason I ever seen to use heat, I’ve ignored heat all along.:up:

Talked about in many other threads, but. . IR heat lamps have turned out to be the perfect heat tool for PE. Under $10 at Walmart gets you an infrared bulb and the socket/reflector - I use it for about 5 minutes before PE, and then all through my hour workout. So much better than rice sock or anything else I have tried … I keep it about a foot from my unit throughout the workout.

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Yes, talked about in over a thousand other threads but I’ve never been convinced about the benefits until I read the first post in this thread. :)

I have tried ‘hot wrap’ and ‘hot tub soak’ methods for warm up and found that I got a much much better stretch from the ‘hot tub soak’.

I can actually ‘feel’ the ligaments of my tool stretching and that is a good indication of the stretch itself. I am a contact fighter in my late thirties so stretching my legs is an integral and important part of my training.

Over the years I have found that I got a longer lasting stretch from doing a 15 min warmup to the point of sweating in contrast to the results obtained from doing a shorter warmup duration. I can also stretch for longer periods.

You should be able to ‘feel’ your ligaments stretch rather than have to force or tug on them. A hot tub bath does this quite well in my experience. 10 mins is a good time to stay in the hot tub and use a face towel for your grip. Any longer in the bath and you might get dehydrated and hydration might be a factor in PE? (Drink Lots of water).

Last week I purchased an inexpensive IR lamp from Argos (UK) and I am experiencing a slightly better stretch than the hot tub method.

The benefit to the IR lamp is that the window stretching opportunity is far greater than any other method that I know of. The penetration is quicker and more deeper. You can use it whilst stretching too, augmenting your PE. You are less likely to get an injury and if you do get an injury the IR lamp would be very beneficial in the healing process.

Yep, I must agree on that one. For me, the IR lamp seems to be the “holy grail” of warming up.

Most beneficial is the deep heating properties of radiation and also the continuous heat application during my workouts. The tissue smoothens and responses better to stretching, etc.

I have a IR bulb from ebay connected to a dimmer switch. Very good and easy to use

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Rice sock = moist heat for stretches

I was going to start another thread, but this one is so good, I decided to just add my two cents and keep it “bumped” to the top.

Just as a point of information: Rice absorbs moisture from the air—more so when the relative humidity is high. When you nuke a rice sock, the rice will not only be releasing heat, but moisture as well.

Many guys report how well it works to do PE in a hot shower or hot tub, so it should be no surprise that physical therapists recommend moist heat rather than dry heat, for loosening and relaxing muscle tissue. Therapists use moist heat (and melted paraffin!) for arthritic joints, too. So “moist heat” is for more than muscle tissue.

I’ve taken the advice of xlmagnum and others to use a IR lamp for jelqing, but have found a rice sock left in place during stretches to be very invaluable. One has to be creative to keep the rice sock wrapped around the shaft while stretching. However, if you don’t have the time or luxury of a hot shower or hot tub, it still delivers moist heat while stretching.

I’ve found a rice sock is especially helpful as a fulcrum during V-stretches. Just hang the sock over the point of the shaft you want to apply pressure to. Hold on to your glans and pull the two ends of the sock in the opposite direction from the “point of pressure” (i.e., the fulcrum, or “point” of the V).

PS—Why do some of these threads start sounding like “Hints from Heloise?”

Heat is good. The IR lamp might do damage to the balls right?

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