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Assisted Kegel


Assisted Kegel

Hi guys going onto a bit of a strange topic.

Has anyone heard of those electric toning pads people put on there stomach muscles to gain a six pack?
(I assume you all have at some point)

The basic principal is that it shocks the muscle making it tense and it does this meaning you don’t have to go to the gym and work out to tone your body.

Well in the Jackass movie they actually use it on the Kegel muscle (I forgot the name sorry).
And I found one for sale in the 99p store. (Yeah I gave the same reaction)

And I was wondering would I actually just have to sit on it with my Kegel muscle for it to do the Kegels for me?
Meaning I wouldn’t have to struggle to do a hundred in a row it would do them all for me?

What do you guys think of the theory?
Not the product just the theory of assisted kegeling.

Any input appreciated.

Mr Whiskers

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I’m just a newbie to PE but in my honest opinion that sounds like an injury waiting to happen. One time when I was younger I sneezed and somehow when my body tensed up I had pulled that muscle. Let me tell you, that was extreme pain for days!! Think of the intensity of that those electric toning pads place on your abs. It could very easy to pull your dick muscle if you’re not careful.

On the other hand, if you do give ‘er a go, try it for small sets at first.and BE CAREFUL, and let us know if it works!

Oh the jackass movie did it.

Maybe I should give it a shot.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Maybe you should attach it to your girlfriend. Then her vagina might start wet jelqing you!

That would definately make you see some gains in no time!

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It wasn’t the fact that Jackass did it.
It was the fact that I thought if it was down there then would it tense it for me?
(The jackass memory came up afterwards)

And yeah nothing too strenuous.
Doing 100 kegels a day and just sitting there sounds simple.

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Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

Hey Whiskers.Have you given it a try yet!

I kinda wish people had come back to all those other threads and updated them with results. Looking through the several threads that branched off from people posting links to other threads, it looks like it does not hold too much promise. Since they go back to 2002, I would think by now a few other senior members would have contributed enough so that it would be common knowledge now that if it really helped.

This would be awesome if it did work though. I’d get a small unit just to do a 1000 kegels at the office without anyone knowing. HA!

Yeah. Doing kegels without my whole body clenching them up would be nice!

I just got off ebay and I ordered a massager from China. When it comes in, I’ll let everyone know how it works. If you want, you can type in TENS massager machine on google. Ebay had the one I just ordered for $16.

Be cautious with this electric stuff from China, a friend of mine burned his butt trying to stimulate gluteus with a similar thing.

I ain’t tried it yet sorry lads.
I want to leave it to the bank holiday so if it goes horribly wrong I should have enough time to heal up a bit.

And I am still trying to work out how I am going to fit it down there.
And some not so good news. I don’t have the special gel.

Would I be able to use Vaseline instead?
I am not going to until someone replies.

And maybe they all didn’t reply because within a week they had 10 inch by 8 inch penises?Right?guys?

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

Originally Posted by Jawbone
Oh the jackass movie did it.

Maybe I should give it a shot.


Don’t do it mate. There’s lots of stuff down there. There’s a good chance you’ll activate other motor neurons and cause a whole basket of unexpected shit to happen - you may not even activate the PC muscle to begin with. Probably end up with electrfied testicles, and, while that can be fun at times, I suggest you leave it to the trained profressionals.

Stimulating muscle fibres via outside mechanisms such as described here is not a good idea because the current produced has not recieved the natural modulation that the body uses to control the strengths of contractions and relaxations of muscles. So you don’t know how powerfully you’re going to cause it to be activated, which could easily injury you quite badly, especially in such a sensitive part of your body. This sort of thing could feesibly result in permanent damage to your ejactulatory system.

I’m currently studying 3rd year neurophysiology and we do a lot of eletrical stimulation on muscle fibres, but we know exact voltages that are required to do what we want. So while what you’re suggesting is probably safe, it could go very bad, and I suggest you don’t bother with it. Natural kegeling is pretty easy anyway :p


If it dosen´t work for your stomach, why would it work on your PC muscle?

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Out of curiosity after reading this thread, I googled up something. While I don’t think there’s anything for men, there’s something interesting for women at the bottom of this page.

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