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Increasing kegel strength and duration of contraction

Increasing kegel strength and duration of contraction

I am trying to increase my kegel strength & duration of contraction (atm I can only hold a kegel for like 3 seconds). I’m trying to do this is because I am now obsessed with becoming multi-orgasmic. I have done searches and found some good kegel routines but I have a few questions:

1. Is it best to pull the penis upward so I can get the feel of a nice “tugback” or should I just let it sit there flaccid and not touch it when I’m kegeling?

2. Since I am working the PC to hopefully result in me becoming multi-orgasmic, should I practice erect kegels? I noticed they seem a little harder when this just me?

3. For anyone who has become multi-orgasmic, how long can you hold a good kegel? Is the key to achieving multiple orgasms timing on the contraction or raw kegel strength + duration of contraction?


I am also trying to get multi-orgasmic.
I perform my kegel in erect state with some weights hanging on or I press my dick downwards to the floor and then kegel(try to raise it)
I think I am gonna try what you described at nr. 1.

Good luck and report any problems, breakthroughs , etc

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Pulling upward and performing kegels is a nice way to train the BC muscle (not the PC). Practicing them erect works as well. IMHO, duration doesn’t mean a great deal. I get just as goos results by doing a bunch of quick (2-3 sec) squeezes. If you truly want to become multi-orgasmic start edging.


Tense, and no matter how hard it seems, tense MORE!! Then next time, more.

You can do it put your back into it!

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