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Anyone try doing JUST these types of stretches?

Anyone try doing JUST these types of stretches?

The kind of stretches where you pull your penis between your legs and sit on it, then leaning back to give it a good stretch. I find this stretch easier to do because I can sit like that for a while without having to do anything. My weight holds it down just fine. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with doing this in comparison to the other stretches. I like these more because they feel like they are stretching better, and I can do other things while its stretching.

I did these stretches but I don’t think the gave me any gains. I dindn’t feel a very good stretch when doing them.

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Fow, the guy who came up with this idea, got some increase in flaccid length from them, but not erect length.

I’ve been doing them lately & felt that I’ve gotten an increase in erect length. I mean, why not erect? The fowfer is basically an extended BTL stretch - hitting the ligs hard when you pull your unit deeply enough, before sitting on it. I think it can even be compared to light hanging.

Just be sure to take rest breaks every 15-20 minutes & do some light jelqing to restore circulation.

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