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Manual stretches and partial erection.

Manual stretches and partial erection.

Hey all,

It seems that whenever I begin to preform manual stretches, I seem to become slightly erect. This could range from anywhere to 30-70% depending on the day. Now is it safe to procede with the stretches, or would it even be possible to do dry jelqing when it becomes slightly erect, then go back to stretches when it drops. It also seems I have the opposite problem when I start with dry jelqing, my erection seems to drop before I want to finish, ironic eh? So would this work, or what would you guys suggest?


Stretch last some guys do that. They stretch get a 60-70% and then jelq and finish with a stretch and then warm down.

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I like to stretch in the morning and jelq at night. Sometimes this just doesn’t work because of a “morning wood hangover”. The little bugger just wants to stay/get hard. When this happens I just switch things up and jelq in the morning and stretch later that night. I usually jelq a little that night too just to get the blood moving.

I have never had great success stretching immediately after jelqing. My head gets swollen and interferes with my grip. It is a good Uli move though.

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Thanks for the replies! But what I meant more so is that during the actual exercises it would have to opposite effect so if I were to just stretch for an erection then jelqing, it would be a pretty short workout (The more I do it, the easier it’s getting to maintain the erection though). So what I`m doing now if I were to put it out line is something like

1-min manual stretch
2-min jelqing
1-min manual stretch
2-min jelqing

Repeat for 15-20mins.

So should I just end my workout early, or is this an acceptable alternative?

Hey Ibanez, I sometimes have the same problem as you. You can try edging and kegelling before streching, it will tire your penis out a bit, and also I have noticed that it makes the penis a bit spongier.

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