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Am I gaining

Am I gaining

OK so I have been Peing for a good month and a half now, doing a nice routine of
5 minute warm up
10 minute stretching in all angles
10 minutes of jelqing
5 minutes in the shower after

OK so I have noticed that my flaccid stretch is definitely getting longer by a good half inch. But my erect is yet to really get any size. Does this mean I am actually growing and should I incorporate any other exercises to reach more girth and length.

Flaccid gains are a good sign. You have done enough conditioning now that you might want to try some more advanced stuff. Here is a jelq variation for girth called Girth Blasters that you may want to try. These are intense, so take it easy at first.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

Maybe try upping the jelqing to 40 minutes. I would guess you see some girth gains first. Good luck with that.

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10 mins to 40 mins?! :o

Thanks for the help, I was thinking about upping my jelqing time but I do not know if I have enough time for 40 minutes plus 10 minutes of stretching and 10 of warm up. I was thinking about jelqing for 20 minutes, would that still be that much of a difference. Also I have been stretching up down and out for the first month, and noticed a difference in my reach of stretch. Then I started stretching to the right and left, so making each stretch around a 2 minute stretch. Then I usually end up going through them all in 10 second stretches. Is there anything I am doing wrong for length and are there more exercises I could do throughout the day?

I actually think I Have gained about .2 in my EL so there is a little progress, I’m just waiting for the full inch so I can write my success story. Thanks for the help


Welcome aboard and congrats on your gain! If I were you I would decide whether I wanted length or girth first. If you are happy with your girth then by all means feel free to up the jelqing time to 20-30 minutes, (even after a year of this I could never top 35) otherwise I would suggest looking into either an ADS, (all day stretcher) or hanging.

The reason I say this is because hanging if done right will get you the fastest gains and is passive for the most part. I had a lot of trepidation about hanging but Cappy’s Wench is inexpensive and easy to use. If you are not interested in hanging I would say try an ADS using the Wench. I am still considering switching to an ADS in the future and a lot of guys like this. Just something to look into.

Oh and I almost forgot - find your LOT. You can find Bib’s LOT Theory posted in the main forum. Once you know your LOT do either downward stretches/A stretches or upward stretches/V-stretches. Just my opinion but it worked for me.

Let me know if you have any questions - I will do my best to make up a ridiculous but believable answer. Whatever you do, don’t join the Cult of twatteaser even if he offers you cookies and kool-aid. Especially if he offers you kool-aid.

-Tom “The Cactus Needle” Foolery

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Originally Posted by Tom Foolery
- I will do my best to make up a ridiculous but believable answer.
-Tom “The Cactus Needle” Foolery

And he is damn good at it too!!

If you have increased you FSL, then you are on the right track. I would simply increase your jelq time gradually by adding an extra 5 minutes per day, each week till you get to about 20 or 25 minutes per day. If you don’t see any gains at that kind of workload, then stop wasting your time and try something else.

As Tom has said, hanging can be excellent. But with any exercise, read,read, read and then read some more until you have a good idea of what you are doing.

Everything has a risk/reward relationship and when done incorrectly, hanging can be dangerous (as can ANY PE exercise).

Thanks for all of the help, is hanging and ads any bad, and if I was to do it would I be able to in a apartment if I have my own room. Basically without people knowing in my house? Where can I pick up a wrench and what does it basically do. Basically I want both girth and length, Another inch would put me up to 7’ and then if I can gain any girth I would be happy, but I’m not too interested in it yet.


CaptnHook, alias Cappy, Cap, RearAdmiral Cap, Jesus, etc.. has a device mainly made out of velcro, some rubber furniture pads, and a plastic clamp all for around 12 bucks or so. This will make 2 of them and it is a good idea to have one to mess around with and get to your liking while having another in case you mess the first one up.

Here is the link: The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

You can do hanging if you have a lock on your door but if it was Interstate 5 then you will probably want to go ADS. You can set this puppy up and with a few sprinkles of PE fairy dust be on your way. I don’t have first hand experience with ADS’ in general so consult your local pharmacist on any dangerous drug interactions.

If you want length: stretch manually/hang or do an ADS. Hanging will increase your base girth and combats what we call the “baseball bat” effect - essentially getting wider as you go up the shaft like a bat. That seems to happen the most with standard jelqing so lots of people use hanging and jelqing in conjunction to balance everything out. There may be some other practices like clamping which may enlarge the base as well but I cannot vouch for that.

I would do your length first and then girth. For girth jelqing did a lot for me, especially the kegal then jelq at around 60% erection level. Some other people do Uli’s, cable clamping, and horse squeezes but these are advanced exercises that require some conditioning and a few shots of liquor first. You can find an article on manual exercises on the main page.

Starting to get a headache from being so serious - I can only do it for so long before I get dizzy. I need to go back to The Dive.

-Tom “Cracked” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

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