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Best method for gaining girth?

Best method for gaining girth?

Lots of info here. I’ve done a search but got too much.

What are your best methods for gaining girth?


Assuming you are new to pe, slow jelqing at 80% erect with as much pressure as feels safe for 3-4 months.

Then, Bib’s uli thing, hands down…

I’d say the best way to gain girth is….surgery. I had the ALLODERM . I went from an average 4 3/4” erect girth. to my present 7 1/2”

:| Ho-lay, that’s some girth. Would you mind briefly explaining the surgery?

If you procrastinate you choose LAST


You can only gain girth after you read the forum guidelines.

After you do this, the best way to start it with the jelq. Its not the best move for girth but I suggest you do a jelqing routine for at least 2 months and see how this affects you. You might well gain with this routine, and this will toughen up the tissues of your penis, so that it is safer to do the more advanced moves like ulis and squeezes. It is important to start with easy work, and build up the intensity. This way you will reduce the chance of getting injuries.

Any more questions, just ask.
Good Luck

I have no idea how stable this Aloderm is….I would be concerned with hanging weights or jelqing….concerned it might be damaged or come detached somehow?? Got pics??

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