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gaining length

gaining length

I am just interested what would be the propper way to go about just gaining an inch or more in length I am not concerned with girth since my penis is already about 5.8” circumference but my penis length is 6 3/4 inches what would be the best technigue for getting to just about 8 inches.



damn sorry you don’t have to be rude about I was just asking a question

Sorry dude, I was trying to be funny. My bad. Anyway, the advice still stands. Start with the newbie routine and do some research at the same time. You will find plenty of information to pick and choose from here.

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The way Thunder meant it…
Just an inch huh, your damn username is longer than that. :D Check the “Newbie Routine” thread. Great place to start.

Ahhh…the power of the smiley face. :) Welcome to the board Just!

Welcome justwantaninchmore! :)

As thunder said, luvdadus’ newbie routine is a good way to start. Because you’re mainly after length, also check out different forms of stretching like V-stretches, JAI’s and DLD blasters.

You have to change your mentality a little if you don’t want to get wounded again. You see, there’s a thing called sense of humor living strong on this board. ;)

A Man behind his mask.

sorry for that I was just having a bad day thanks for the advice guys I will look into that You know this is the first board on the net that i have been to that didn’t have a bunch of women complaining *!* I wonder why :confused:


How is your program going? Have not seen you around and wanted to make sure you are still hitting the dick, so to speak:)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

up 1/4 inch

In a week?


Hey, justwantaninchmore (goddam username has too many letters and I kept hitting the “space” bar after every word in it) :D

From when did you begin your PE’ing?


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