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All I wana get some lenght..!

All I wana get some lenght..!

Im still kinda new here. I looked at the new member section but could not find anything just focusing on lenght. Girth is at 5.5” erect, so thats not the problem. Lenght is at 5” erect, that is a problem. So, what do you guys think would be the best and fastest routine with and without wights to gain say…..1 inch? Thanks is advance for all your responses!!!


One word: Stretching

To put that word into routine, my recommendation would be to do two workouts a day (AM/PM). AM - hotwrap, wet jelq @ 50% erection for 10 minutes followed by JAI stretching for 5-10 minutes (sets 2’3*15 if you like). PM - hotwrap, stretching 10*60sec (A’s, V’s, all kinds off stuff). Find out which suits you the best. Do a couple of minutes jelquing after stretches are done and finish with one set of JAI’s. That might do the trick. Others might have different solutions, but I think it’s important to focus on stretching and to do it twice a day. 5on-2off or 6on-1off as weekly plan. Also, everytime you take a leak do some stretching after it. Remember to wash your hands afterwards! ;) My 2 cents.

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I would say get a bib starter and start reading up in the hanger’s forum.


What is the best manual strech exercise?

DLD blaster?


Re: All I wana get some lenght..!

I got a feeling, you’re not the only one. Oops sorry. That title just reminded me of a song. —I would definately listen to Johans advice. I am in the same boat as you, just wanting length and in just a months time I have gained .75” doing basically what Johan has said though not as routinely as I have a wife and young son that I don’t want to know about. The bib hanger is also an excellent idea if you are willing to make the purchase, which I can’t do. Like Johan said Stretching is the key word and there are all sorts of different stretches that you can do. One particularly good thread is called “DLD Blasters…Unreal Length Gains”. Check it out and try them out. Since my routine is so sporadic I can’t tell you exactly what is working for me but I do the Blasters as much as anything. Good luck on good gains.

I would definately listen to Nick7’s advice.

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