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Girth without spoiling lenght gains

Girth without spoiling lenght gains

I have gained lenght very well, almost one inch. But no girth!

My question is, can I do some serious girth work without spoiling my future lenght gains (want 1 more inch in lenght)?

My girth is 4.7 :( Can I work my girth to 5.0-5.2 and then continue my lenght gaining?

Sorry my bad english!

Ps. What is best girth exercise? I tried bend or something and it gives me cool flaccid!

Well I think it’s probably better to continue with light length exersizes, e.g. Stretching - to cement those length gains, but increase on the girth exersizes.

Gained 1 inch length finally! the first big step in my PE time :D

Now: Erect Girth 5.00" - BP Erect Length 6.00"

Start: Erect Girth 4.90" - BP Erect Length 5.00" ---- Thats an increased volume of 2.384 cubic inches!!!

In my limited PE expereince of about four months total I would have to agree with SJY, go for length before girth.

I think you shouldn’t stop your length work until you are within 1/2” or so of your length goal. Realize that it’s not unusual for easy length gainers to gain length from traditional girth exercises like pumping and clamping. So, leave yourself some margin so you don’t overshoot your goals (assuming that would be bad).

It’s true that guys with smaller girths tend to gain length more easily than guys with fatter girths. But the difference isn’t as great as many people think. Check this out for a detailed examination of the subject.

The data shows that gaining a little girth probably won’t sabotage your length gains. It might make your task a bit more difficult, however.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

This is a interesting question because I actually have just starting jelqing for real again after hanging and manual stretching for months. The reason I started jelqing again was to increase my blood flow because my head/glans was severly beaten and my blood flow was down as a whole resulting from two much length excersizing. I would even get a little pain now and then from gripping to hard on the glans. On the plus side of focusing only on length excersizes for months I have gained about 2.5 inches in length in 5 months times!

Now that I have been jelqing for a couple days (I mean intense jelqing a couple hours a day) I have gained a little girth, my dick seems more sensitive to touch (quicker to erection), better blood flow, a little thicker and hanging a little better when flaccid. The negative side effects of jelqing though with little length work is it seems like I have lost a little bit of length just a little, and since I measure every day (multiple times a day) this data I gathered is very up to date and accurate. So based on this new knowledge, I think I am going to quit the jelqing again since my blood flow seems to be back to normal or better and continue on with the hanging and manual stretching for length on till I work up to my super goal of length gains, then its time to tackle the girth. Another thing to think about is my dick seems a little more flexible and soft when flaccid because of the jelqing, so maybe this will help with length gains from stretching and hanging.

Now that I have proven to myself and lost a little length I beleive from girth work (this may be inaccuarte since I only measured once today and it wasn’t my strongest erection, I’ll have to measure later tonight to make a final judgement), I believe the best thing to do in PE if you want length and girth is to work on length excersizes first then when blood flow goes down jelq for a few days intensely until your penis is healthy again and blood flow is back up then continue on with the length excersizes for a couple weeks or months and then repeat this cycle again by jelqing for a few days then going back to the length excersizes again. Maybe we should also overshoot our length goals by a certain margin so we can compensate for the lossage from the initial girth gains.

This is my current theory but this could change at any moment based off my future gains as my PE has in the past based on the current data I get every day, so we’ll see…

There are many contradictions on exercises for increasing girth. Some say squeezes are very effective while others exalt jelq. I can quote some members, ” I have gained all my girth through jelqing”, and ” You can blow up your penis like anaconda with a dozen of squeezes everyday”. It looks a particular program might work well for an individual and not the other.

Your length gains will most likely not disappear while you’re working on your girth. And if you’re lucky (depending on exercise), you might even gain some length while you’re on it.

But as the other guys are saying, go for your final length before starting on girth if your current girth isn’t bothering you too much. I myself got about same girth as you and I simply can’t live with it. I am aiming for 1” girth gain before I continue to hang my unit torwards 10” :) .

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

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