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Girth Over Lenght

Girth Over Lenght

Hey all. I am new to TP. I just started working on the newbie routine this week.
It’s not my first time trying stretches and jelqs but this is the first time I will actually commit to it.

Out of this experience I expect to achieve both lenght and girth gains. However I am in want of girth much more than lenght.

So are my two simple questions for you guys:

1) what exercises focus more on girth than lenght? And please let me know which ones turn out to be the most effective.

2) like I said, I am a newbie, and I’m on the newbie routine. I am not entirely sure what the newbie routine focuses on, whether girth or lenght, or both.
What changes of modifications can be safely made to the routine to make it one that focuses on attaining girth quicker than lenght?

Don’t get me wrong. I can use some lenght too, but at the moment, lack of girth seems to be more of a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Good luck to all!

Hi there,

Girth exercises seem to be those which apply lots of internal pressure on the penis. So certain types of manual exercises, ulis, horses, etc. Clamping also provides girth for some as does jelqing at higher erection levels, according to some.

The problem is all of these exercises are more advanced.

You should do the newbie routine for at least two months. The newbie routine should give you both length and girth.

Don’t try and rush things, you should expect to be PEing for a year to see some results, if you are impatient, you will injure yourself.

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Welcome to TP getbig.

Just follow the The Newbie Routine for at least 3 months. Jelqing is one of the most effective girth routines a newbie, or anyone can do. It will also help with conditioning in case you want to try out more advanced exercises later.

Newbie routine focuses on both length and girth. If you want to mod it for girth gains you can lower the stretching time and up the jelqing time. But only do so when you are ready.

Don’t be suprised if girth doesn not come as fast as length. It is harder to gain girth generally. Plus girth gains are not equal to length gains.

Hope this helps.

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