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LOT, girth, lenght...what can a poor boy do ?

LOT, girth, lenght...what can a poor boy do ?

hey great forum here
i read the thing about the LOT yesterday, and i understand i got a LOT at around 6.00 as a newbie
does that mean its harder for me to gain lenght than when starting at a 12.00 LOT ?
and what should i do ?
i started “working out” 2 weeks ago, and i think i gained about 3/16 in girth, and nothing in lenght, i think
i m extremely happy with the girth and the quality of my erections and how my flaccid dick looks now, and i love jelqing, and doing horses and ulis, too
but i d actually like to gain some lenght, say 3/4 lenght and 1/2 girth, and i d be deliriously happy
should i stop with the horses and ulis and concentrate on stretching ?
should i do those dld blaster things, and at which angle ?
i thought maybe at 12 oo angle, or should i do different angles ?
(thing is, i dont like stretching, but love the girth exercises ?

(i m 6’5/8” NBEL and 5’1/2” EG now)
hope for some help, buddies


Please read the forum guidelines. You could probably stand to use the Spell checker (but then so could I) and ‘i’ should be ‘I’. Thanks.

Yes with a LOT of 6 it probably is harder, or at least if you want to try getting more out of the ligs you’d have to stretch BTC but double check your LOT, its a visual thing, you may be higher than you think.

>should i stop with the horses and ulis and concentrate on stretching ?
You probably shouldn’t have started these so early. It seems fine then you hit an injury.

If you want to focus on length, concentrate stretching and jelqing. If your LOT is confirmed at 6 concentrate your stretches on the tunica, using inverted V-stretches or equivalents. Concentrating on long hold stretches may help (3-5 min). Build a good stretch routine that you can feel impacting your tunica. If you don’t gain within a month or two from this, consider hanging.

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thanks memento !

i started a lot of stretching, and i feel it in the middle of the penis, could be the septum

i guess thats a good thing, right ?

how do i stretch BTC ?

are V-streches as good as inverted-v-stretches ?

could i damage penile nerve with v-stretches ?

Hi nordkapp - thanks for putting your location in your profile. I’ll guess that English is a second language for you and I’ll congratulate you on speaking/writing it well. We try to provide good examples for our members who may not speak that language as well as you do. Please try to start sentences with an upper case letter and the personal pronoun “I” should be capitalized as well.

The feeling you get with manual stretches varies from man to man. Some feel it more in the ligaments, others feel it within the shaft of the penis. As long as you’re getting a good, strong stretch and doing it in several directions (up, down, left, right, straight out) and for a long enough period of time per stretch (most say 30 seconds to a minute in each direction at least twice) then you’re probably doing them correctly.

BTC is “between the cheeks” or straight down toward your anus (or farther if you can). It really pulls on the ligs.

You can hurt yourself with almost any PE technique if you aren’t careful, v-stretches included. You can do a search (use the button at the top right of every page) on < v-stretch* > to find out the difference between “regular” ones and inverted ones.

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