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Advice needed, tunica help especially

Advice needed, tunica help especially

Ok, first off a little info so you guys can understand my situation better :
LOT of 7-8
Been PEing for about 1.5 years now
Just got off deconditioning routine

Where I stand in relation to starting a new routine :
Focusing on length, most recommend this
Low LOT = Tunica Town
Will work Jelqing and other exercises into routine(any suggestions here greatly appreciated)

Problem :
There are so many ways to hit the tunica I have read about that I’m a little overwhelmed. Also, slight concern with whether or not some exercises are done correctly/harmful.

So far I have come across Bundles, inverted v-stretches(A-stretch), and upward hanging. I know there are others out there that I haven’t found yet.

With regards to the exercises, the problem is I don’t know if I have the right exercises. Take Bundles for ex. It says to twist my dick around 1 time or more, and grip at base to work tunica vs. behind glans to work ligs. But when I do this the upper portion(mid shaft and up) unravels, is it normal? Also, I recall reading in a thread that v-stretches(in this case inverted ones) are dangerous because they could potentially damage something. I’m also not
understanding hanging at high angles, well because gravity is going downwards, and unless one was to attach the non-dick end to something and sit down, this wouldn’t work.

So, if anyone with tunica experience can suggest more tunica exercises, or give suggestions to help me work out the ones that are listed would help me a lot. Any suggestions also towards improving by length based routine ie.what more could I do, is appreciated.

On a side note, how many of you experts/vets here do basics on a regular basis? I would think that you guys would do some crazy hard hitting ones like DLD blasters or Ulis just to move forward or maintain your status.

Almost 60 views and no one has anything to say? Come on guys, any comments you have good or bad would help. I’m sure that you all concluded on something when reading my post.

Okay, if you can manage it do upward hanging. I have down V stretches and bundles but they do not compare to fulcrum hanging/straight out SO/or over the shoulder OTS.

I have gained approximately 1 inch from hanging in 3 months. As to why this works, that is for another time when it is not 2:20 in the morning. Peace.


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Hey Jumbo.

I’ll answer your last question first. Regards less of what else I do, I always try to do 200-300 wet jelqs in the shower. Not necessarily for outright gains, but to help keep my penis in a extended state and to promote good circulation and reduction of discolouration.
I quite like Blasters as a manual stretch. I don’t try and get too complicated, I just twirl him around and stretch by grabbing behind the glans.
Hanging is an excellent way to convince that damn stubborn tunica to stretch because you can apply a force for a much longer timeframe than you can manually.
To hang “upwards” you need to do one of two things. Either set up some kind of pulley system so that you can run a cord from your hanger, up over the pulley and back down to your weight or hang OTS (Over the Shoulder). It is probably the easiest form of hanging at higher angles because all you need to do is basically sling the weight over your shoulder and attach it to your hanger.
OTS hanging’s biggest advantage (simplicity) also its biggest disadvantage. Because the weight is simply hung over the shoulder, the friction between the cord and your shoulder takes some of the weight and so you don’t really know exactly how much weight you are hanging with.
Hardly an exhaustive reply, but it should get you started. Go into the hanger forum and do a search for OTS or SO and see what you turn up.
Hope this helps.

Thanks guys.

I’ve been doing Bennett8’s routine for a little less than a month now and I’ve gained a 1/4”. It’s tunica specific stretching which is what I also was looking for. I definitely think you should check it out. I have my routine written down in the PE Statistics data base, /pedata/data.php?username=dwight, and this is Bennett8’s routine that he does, 2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures. Mine is a variation of it and its been working great for me. I would check them both out and make one that works for you.

Check Shunga’s thread. He’s had great gains and does lots of OTS work. I plan on moving onto this as my newbie gains stop. I think the tunica work people are looking at is a good way to go. Lig gains rock, but the permanence of tunica work seems to attract a lot of attention lately. Bib has a great thread on the safety and consistency of hanging.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


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