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PJ Delivery and advice needed.

PJ Delivery and advice needed.

Well… I’m impressed. I ordered the Power-Jelq last Tuesday (02/26) and it arrived in the post yesterday (03/04). Less than a week to arrive in the UK….and to think, I was hoping it would arrive in the next week or two :)

Now I have it I’m gonna look up that impressive PJ routine that was posted here a short while ago. Hopefully I can fit in a good 15 minute workout each morning before work (while the g/f does her hair etc… outta my way! :)

I do have a couple of questions though, not necessarily about the PJ… I’ve heard the phrase ‘penis looking pumped after a PE session’ thrown about a lot… mine doesn’t. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve seen some pic’s of ‘pumped’ penises and they do look pumped, how come mine doesn’t? Am I doing it too lightly, not clamping down hard enough? I really want to make sure I’m doing this right, I don’t want to spend 6 months doing a ‘PE routine’ that is nothing more than playing with my dick, I want to make sure what I am doing is working - however slowly. So guys, how to tell if I am doing it right?

PS.. If you only have to make your penis bigger than it’s normal size for it to grow, how come pumping alone doesn’t work… BTW, I don’t pump, and have never tried.


Hey Gorf

Most of the enlargement from pumping is from fluid buildup in the outer layers of a penis. That fluid is pressing in as well as out.

You are just starting PE, don’t worry about jumping right into looking “pumped” after a workout. Take it slowly and add time and intensity to your workouts slowly and before too long, you will find that you too, are “pumped” after a workout.

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Dear Gorf !

I have now the powerjelqer for 2 weeks and my cock also doesn` t look pumped after it ( I also used a pump and it relly looked different ) . But I have during the whole day a stressed feeling in it when massaging , so I donĀ“t worry about not looking pumped , I think it works also without that looking , for me this stressed or worked out feeeling is enough .

All the best wantmore

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